Sorry to be so negative, but...

I have to vent this somewhere.

I cried after getting off the scale this morning.  I have not weighed so much in several years.  Muscle or no muscle, I cannot handle this at all.

Taking a second rest day in hopes that my leg will feel all better tomorrow and I can run again.

Since I am resting, I want to keep my calories low.  There is no reason to eat so much today.

I am disgusted that I let this happen to myself.  It is MY fault, no one else's.

Thank you all for your kind words... Peri, Eloise, Mich, and Ruby and whoever else I am forgetting off the top of my head.  Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ugg! It sucks when your body feels out of your control. I know the feeling. Hope your leg gets better so you can run again. Not being active when you are feeling heavy is the pits.

ruby-tuesday said...

This is the reason I stopped weighing myself, those little numbers had too much power over me,
As my therapist said to me yesterday,
Our worth should not be measured by the numbers on a scale,
I'm trying not to define myself by my weight
We are so much more, we are friends, dsughters, writers and so much more

Sending you love and a hug x

Does It Even Matter said...

I understand how you're feeling hun and I hope you cheer up soon and your leg feels better.

Maybe try and rest and sleep the day away? We don't eat when we sleep. :)


lou said...

(HUGS) I hate the scale.
Rest your leg, don't overdo the running.
Feel better.

Peridot (G+P) said...

You rest that leg, Dese! Don't run on it past the pain or you'll fuck it up for good.

*Hugs* I know exactly how you feel about the scales. It's why I resumed SHing in April, just couldn't take my size anymore. (SH isn't a smart way to deal with it though. You end up fat AND scarred *facepalm*)

Put your leg up and have a cup of tea. You are amazing, alright?

*Hugs again* Take care of yourself and I hope your leg is better very very soon.

Ayden said...

Ugh, I hate it when I see a higher number on the scale... I know people say not to base your body on the number you see, but it's almost impossible not to.
I hope you get feeling more positively soon, love!


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