Sugar-free September

This is just a quick post so I can put on the record that I am going sugar-free this month.  I know that sugar is addictive and recently, I have been consuming far too many sugary, processed sweet things.  They are neither good for my body or my brain.

Even though it is already the 5th, I am starting tomorrow morning, first thing.  I already threw away a few things from my pantry that are just too tempting for me to turn down.

With any luck, it will also help me start loosing again - we all know that this marathon training has led me to gain about seven pounds.

I encourage everyone to join me.  Do not waste calories on food void of nutrients.  Fruits, vegetables, grains, and plant-based proteins are the way to go!

Oh, and the second bout of tendonitis has subsided.  I swam two days and finally ran today.  Tomorrow, I think I have a 5-mile tempo run on the calendar.

That is all for tonight.


PrettyLies said...

I'm with you! though on my campus almost everything is processed and packaged, but I've tried my best so far. A lot of granola bars and protein bars for me.

ruby-tuesday said...

Good luck with sugar free September! x

Peridot (G+P) said...

I stopped wasting my caloric budget on empty calories about three months ago. If it's nutritionally void it has better taste damn good to be worth the expense!

Here's to quality fuel!


Belle Svelte said...


Thank you. Really. Tough Love is what I need, especially when I start veering off into the deep end. So again, thank you. Secondly, the idea now is to do more, move forward, and just start fresh. Part of that required deleting him, and it was...liberating. I feel like I have no strings attached, and it's silly as I am not in London anymore. It was like holding on to an illusion, an image of what was and now the act of deleting him was what it took to kind of realize I am alone [always was] and free.

I am glad affairs of your heart are being tended too. This is very good : ) Secondly, honey is better than sugar, and fruits are better than honey! Natural is the best way...I think it's so good for the soul!

All the best with the training dearest! I am cheering you on, and know you'll be awesome! Take it easy, do rest!!!


Peridot (G+P) said...

You must be magic. I'm coughing like an asthmatic chain-smoker but I'm not feeling a lot better everywhere else! *hugs*

You've got magic knitting skills. I swear as soon as my financial situation improves I'm going to start putting together a box of yarn for you. I feel so bad that I've not been able to send you anything yet :( Fucking bike problems are sucking everything up.

I hope you're well and your legs are behaving themselves. Love you <3


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