Catching up

I suppose a bit of time has passed since I actually posted something worthwhile and with substance.

Where did I leave off?

Well, in the past two weeks, I had a birthday (goodbye to the first quarter-century of my life), became crazy-busy with worth and school, and continued my training.

My birthday was surprisingly nice, all around.  My friends and I went to dinner at a pizza place that makes gluten-free, vegan pizza, so I indulged in that and a glass of prosecco.  And, in fact, I felt in control, as I had run 12 miles that morning - hard.  I confused my training weeks and jumped the gun, running the 12 miles at my goal pace on the 9th instead of the 16th. Then, a few days later, I did an awesome track workout that left my sore all weekend.  I skipped my long run on the basis of legitimate exhaustion, and only ran 3 miles Monday.  My right achilles and hamstring are feeling funky, so yesterday was another day of rest.  I tried to do my temp run this morning but did about two miles before that awful pain in my hamstring returned - I'm headed to the pool after putting in 6 solid hours of work on campus.  Honestly, I have completed all of the hardest part of my training program, so now I just have to stay healthy until the marathon in 12 days (eek!)

In weight news, it is simply the same old, same old.  I am at my highest "allowable" weight (i.e. the weight that makes me so uncomfortable but it still somehow within my "normal" range) and cannot wait to work as hard as I am at this marathon training to shed at least fifteen pounds.  Even though it is embarrassing to admit and see 140-141 pounds every morning these days, I know when this is over, I can commit to losing.  I have reached my limit.  I have generally kept my promise of eschewing sugar for the month - with a brief slip up of a chocolate bar and, the horror, a donut (I just had an intense craving like none other... it wasn't even a vegan chocolate bar and there is no way in hell that donut was vegan, shame shame shame on me... so not worth it).

I am trying to focus on eating clean leading up to the marathon... I had puffed riced cereal with fruit and unsweetened soy milk for breakfast, a clif-bar and apple are on the lunch schedule, and I may skip dinner if I am not hungry after swimming.  In between I have nuun to rehydrate and maté tea (by the way, I buy the nuun in a pack of 8 on when they offer coupons/free shipping - it equals out to $0.35 a tablet, and I usually make mine with 32oz of water... seems expensive initially, but much cheaper than gatorade, and with no sugar).  I have to do a bunch of schoolwork tonight and try to get to bed at a decent hour, with hopes that I can run in the morning.

This is getting rambly now, but did I mention that Juan and I are "officially" back together - as per his declaration?  I am still being quite cautious, as he did not behave in an exemplary fashion in the first half of the year.  He seems to be sincere though and should be visiting again in the first two weeks of October.  After that, I will consider letting my parents know.

My knitting has taken a backseat to schoolwork now, but I managed to finish a section for a blanket (A co-worker of mine's mother died of cancer last week.  She was only in hospice for about a month and was quite young.  Everyone at the shop where I work knitted a long strip and the strips are being pieced together into a blanket.)  My second sock for my grammie (whose birthday was the 4th, so it is a bit belated) is about two-thirds complete.  Next, I must work on my brother's fiancée's wrap for their wedding on November 10th.  After that, I can spend a little time knitting for me and working on Christmas gifts as the weather gets cold.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  Sorry for being a total slacker with commenting.  I've been keeping up on Lulu's work escapades, Ruby's detox, Eloise's preparation for returning to school, Peri's bit of drama, Mich's new kitten, not to mention AnnaMaria, Lottie, Piggy, Belle, S., Avy, A Quiet Battle, and Ophelia... not to mention about a dozen other blogs.  I want to give everyone huge hugs from the bottom of my heart.  You ladies are irreplaceable.

Time to go to school... six hours of data entry and statistics!

125, you seem so far away...


ruby-tuesday said...

So nice to catch up on all that's been happening with you.

Happy Birthday!!
I'm glad you had a nice time with your friends.

As for dealing with weight gain, just remember that the scale doesn't measure you're worth, it doesn't tell you what a good and giving person you are and it doesn't tell you how beautiful you are,
Wow, I really need to remember that the next time I weigh myself.

Sending you lots of love x

Anonymous said...

I don't know how your body holds up with all that running. My goodness! Happy Birthday!

Eloise18 said...

Heya, I'm glad you had a nice birthday, I'm loving the sound of that pizza place. I'm fine with gluten but lactose and wheat intolerant so places like this really excite me (unlikely to find somewhere near me though!).
I know you aren't reconciled with your weight, and I know this is coming from ME...but can you on some level respect that you are VERY fit, eat very healthily and therefore a weight of 140 (given your muscle mass) is perfectly healthy and to be respected?
Take care xxx

lou said...

You're amazing for all the training you're doing, I really admire you for that.
I know saying No to Sugr is hard, but I think moderation is the key of course.
I'm so happy you got to enjoy your birthday, what a perfect day that must've been plus pizza too yum!

Take things slow with Juan, this time around you call the shots and don't be afraid to voice any concerns :)

P.s you're not a slacker


Peridot (G+P) said...

Wow, you've been crazy busy!

I'm glad you had such a good birthday. That pizza sounds like it was amazing :)

Congrats on making the pace so early in your training. Look after yourself and focus on keeping in arse-kicking form for race day. Not long now! GO DESE GOOOO!!!

I figure with cravings it's better to shut them up with a serving of whatever it's for so they don't have you going on a mental binge-run later that fucks everything up >.<

Make him EARN your trust back. Seriously, I don't trust him so much after acting like a colossal wankstain. Grains of salt, ok?

*Hugs* Ah, no! that's awful! She's going to love the blanket. Every time she sees it it will be like a big loving hugs from all of you.

Omg I've had to put EVERYTHING else aside and do these 5 hats for Mum so she shuts up about them. It pisses me off so much! She's said she could do them herself, so why didn't she in the first place? UGH. We should have a rule where every third project is something for ourselves.

Take care of yourself and good luck for the marathon! Love you to bits <3


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