Even though I should be filled with excitement and warm and fuzzy feelings, for the past few days, I have not felt anything like that.  Benjamin is arriving in nine days and all I can think about is how massive I look and feel.

So much for being in a good headspace.

At least I have nine days to sort this out and maybe lose a bit.


Miranda said...

Don't let it ruin the trip! I know it's hard but he will love your body how it is. Listen to me. My husband is raving about my body but I still hate it. At least there is motivation to eat clean for the next 9 days.

Dani said...

miss u sorry I haven't signed on in awhile hope all is well

Anonymous said...

Try to focus on your boyfriend while he is with you rather than your weight. Enjoy the time together. And hang in there! xo

Emily Carter said...

Try to relax; at the end of the day, whether you lose the weight or not, he loves you for you.

How did the job go? Did you get it?


Peridot (G+P) said...

I got your card yesterday. It was FANTASTIC.


Love you so so much, Dese.

I hope things go well with the Benjamin visit.

Sending you hugs from the bottom of the world. Stay warm up there, ok?

Isobel said...

Hello my dear, I wonder if you remember me? I used to blog at Count Down To Skinny but I deleted a few years ago to try and 'get healthy'... long story short I'm back again. I would love to catch up on how you have been and I hope that you are well and thriving! Love Isobel x


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