Hanging in there

Thanks for the love, ladies.

Still just incredibly sad about Juan.  Trying to stay distracted.

Losing a little at a time, but I still can't run.  I ran yesterday morning and the tendonitis in my feet is back (left arch, right out-step).  Down to 137.5ish but it should have been 127.5ish ages ago.

I just ate a cupcake for lunch.  Do not even try to ask me how I rationalized that.

Coffee and a salad today, maybe yoga later to de-stress.

Sorry for being absent, I'm just moping.


ruby-tuesday said...

Sending you lots of love sweetie

Be gentle with yourself, you are probably feeling quite fragile so take good care of you x

Clear Girl said...

I am so so sorry about Juan. Deal with the emotional first, everyone needs a cupcake when dealing with heartbreak. Let yourself mope! Yoga sounds perfect for dealing with strife like this :(


Claire said...

Oh hun, I'm so sorry you're down again. Please don't forget how amazing you are- You ran a MARATHON! I'm still in awe of your achievement. If there's anything I can do I'm right here. I know you can get through this xxx

Peridot (G+P) said...

Distractions are good. I like that plan. Maybe teach yourself to dance Gangnam style?

UGH. I so want to beat his face in with a ham for being such a twatcannon.

Oh fuck NO! Silly feet! Why do they play up like that? I'm going to do some research on the problem AND legwarmer patterns.

I had some red velvet cake. Never had it before, it was odd. Sometimes a slice of cake is it's own justification. Feed the soul and not just the body.

Love you so much *hugs* Look after yourself, ok?

Anna said...

Salut! I just found your blog and je l'adore :) You seem like a wonderful person. Sorry about the breakup, things like that never seem to get easier.


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