Playing catch-up

Not sure if anyone is really wondering what's going on around here, but I figured I should leave a little update since it has been weeks since I last posted.

The most important thing is that my friend Pauline is still missing.  It was been over four weeks since she disappeared.  The police and her family are still searching, but since I am far away, I am not really privy to all of the details.  Please pray that she will return to her family soon.

School is finally finished up for the semester.  I am not really sure how I survived finals week(s), but by some miracle I did and held on to my 4.0.

I have been working quite a bit - babysitting, the law firm, the yarn store, and then I am starting back at my research assistantship this week or next.

I am also knitting up a storm.  I finished a lace hoodie last week that is so cute.  When I finally get around to taking some photos, I'll get them up here.  I am working on wedding presents, a birthday gift for my grandmother, a scarf for a customer, a hat for a friend, and a present for Lulu's daughter, among backlogged projects for Jeanne and Peri.

Just before Pauline went missing, Juan told me that we should stop talking.  But when she disappeared, I really needed him.  We have been communicating a lot, but I am sure nothing will come of it.  He is in Las Vegas for the holiday weekend with his guy friends from high school.  I know they are just drinking and gambling and blowing cash, but he has been texting me a lot.  Friday night I was at a party that my roommate threw at my house and drank quite a bit (for the first time in more than a year) - we were texting the whole time.  I said "te amo"- and he said "te amo" back.  Probably means nothing because he was drunk.  I guess I will see.

My weight has been up lately, steadily about 135.  I am much more at ease at 130, and considering I really want to be somewhere between 118-124, I feel huge.  I have not been running much, but I went yesterday and will get back into it when I get accustomed to my new summer schedule.  And, I recently bought a piece of furniture, so I am not allowing myself to go grocery shopping for at least another week or two.  My fridge is currently a desolate wasteland, which is great for my waistline.

The life is still kind of chaotic - sometimes I feel like I am not really living it, but its just happening.  I don't even know how to explain it well.  Nothing really seems to matter because my friend is missing.

To those of you who have left kind references/links to me over the past few weeks (Isobel and Impractical Shopper over at Je suis jalouse), it really does make me smile to know someone is thinking of me.


ruby-tuesday said...


I've just started following your blog.
I'm so sorry your friend Pauline is still missing. I shall say a prayer that she is found safe and well.

Look forward to reading more,

Much love x

Isobel said...

Lovely, I am sending my kind thoughts to your friend. I hope she is found safe and well soon.

I missed you so don't leave so long next time ok? :)

'Not really living, just happening'

That is my life right now too. We'll weather the storm dearest xxx

Eloise18 said...

Well done on your grades!
I don't really know what else to say except that I'm thinking of you x

Sam said...

I will continue to pray for your friend, her family, and of course you. Glad you're keepin busy, but do try to blog I have missed your posts. Please be careful with Juan, your heart is still in a fragile place.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you get a break from school. 4.0 is awesome. I don't know how you do it!! I'm so sorry your friend is still missing. As for Juan. Just try not to lean on him too much! I feel like he can so easily hurt you still even though you are broken up.

Stick Thin said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend still missing. That is so sad. I hope things are on the upside soon!

I would love to see your knitting! I don't have the patience for it, but it looks like a good hobby.

Sorry about the boy :( I think emotions get so mixed up when either person goes through a hard time.

I love the track! I do a lot of different things when I work out there. Stair climbing. Sprint workouts. Its so much fun.. plus the black road makes me tan fast ha ha.


Impractical Shopper said...

I hope your still looking after yourself and putting you first despite all thats happening, we all hope and pray that your friend remains safe and finds her way back home, but for now stay strong sweets xxx


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