Weight is up

My weight is up (deservedly, from such bad eating) by a few pounds.

It's going to rain today, so I am likely not getting to run (maybe tomorrow??) but aside from the ten almonds I had for breakfast, I am only allowing myself coffee and tea today.  I just need a clean day to put my mind at rest.  Everything feels so out of control, but I think I can handle this.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

Not my photo... just search "Paris rain" on Google


Anonymous said...

sorry about the eating and weight :/ hope you feel better soon!

Peridot (G+P) said...


When everything else feels like it's completely out of your grasp and whirling around the room, grab a pair of knitting needles and cast on a peggy square. At the end of the day things may still be insane, but you can point at the square and say "FUCK YOU, I MADE THAT MUCH TODAY!" to the crazy universe.

Wow, you can do the crazy two-at-once sock knitting? That stuff breaks my brain. Short rows are just too much for my poor underworked brainmatter, doing two at once would probably make it leap out of my ears and flee in horror! The secret to getting them both the same size/length is in the counting of stitches and rows ;) A bit pedantic, but so snuggly when they're done!

I'm saving the Virginia Yarn for something special. I want to learn lacework and make a shawl out of it. I'll need a lot of practise first, because something that special needs to be done RIGHT (and large amounts of halo are very unforgiving of unpicking to get at mistakes :x)

What is this feather&fan stole? Do you have pics/links? Hmmmm I'm going to have to make yarn shop trips after I move in with Miles and have more posting money spare :p

Take care and stay warm&dry. Lots of loev to you from me and spazzy Dralion. She's intent on denuding a toy mouse of it's twine covering. I wish I had a video camera to show you!



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