Finally my weight is going in the right direction.

As promised, I went for a run to support Isobel yesterday.

132.8 this morning, I guess skipping a few meals pays off sometimes.

122.8 would be so much better.

I received some VERY bad news about my school funding this week - not really sure what to do.  It's really the last thing I needed right now.  When I finally get my head wrapped around some sort of plan, I promise to write about it.  If I was over the edge the other day when I posted, I think I just fell off the cliff.

I have lunch with a friend scheduled for today, but I picked the place and they have a ton of great salads, which is the only food I never feel guilty about eating.  I had a two slices of rice toast (well, one slice and the nub of the loaf) for breakfast and now I am sipping my coffee.  Lunch will be salad, then I plan to make more coffee and let that get me through the evening.  When I get home from work at five, I am going to squeeze in a run before I go to class at 7:20.

I want to put my life on pause for a while.  I cannot handle all of this right now.

The best thing in my life is that working at the yarn shop, I can get a lot of knitting done, and I am finished with the front, back, and half of the sleeves for a sweater.  I then have a ton of other things on my queue... including some treats to send overseas to South Africa and New Zealand (you know who you are!)... Northern hemisphere-ers, you can wait a few months.

Anyone want to send me money for a plane ticket so I can just drop my life for a while and come visit you? Oh, and that would also include you adopting me temporarily, at least...

And of course, in my infinite wisdom, I texted Juan on Monday when I heard my bad news.  I hate this.  I miss him so much.


Anonymous said...

Money sucks! Not the money itself obviously but the never having enough of it part. Sorry bout your bad news; glad the weight is going down.

Does It Even Matter said...

I swear, money is the core of so much happiness and stress it makes me ill. I'm sorry your feeling blue hunni, i hope the sun shines for you soon.


A Quiet Battle said...

My heart goes out to you, dear one. Sometimes, life seems to give us more than we can handle. One day at a time, though... things will get better.

Sam said...

Thank you for dropping in to see how I'm doing. The answer, not well. Nothing I can't pull through though. Just like you, I'll come out the other side.


Peridot (G+P) said...

That's right, you lucky ducks are heading into summer and warm times! Lol, I can't say I envy you since Autumn is my favourite season XD

It seems like the goons who hand out funding are being super stingy lately. First Amaris and now you! So not cool! D:

I hope things start looking up soon. I'm so envious of your job at the yarn shop and your knitting time!

Lots of hugs and love <3


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