Teeny tiny update

I found out on Friday night that Juan is coming to visit me next week. He arrives Monday the eleventh. Saying I am shocked and nervous is the understatement of the century.

My friend is still missing, more than six weeks have gone by.

I have been running a bit, but not enough.

My weight is still out of control. I was steady at 135 yesterday but then I  had Korean noodles for dinner, which I thought were rice but turned out to be wheat. My tummy is all swollen today. Definitely plan to hydrate, not eat, and go for a stress-shaking run.

P.S. It's national (international?) running day, so lace up!

P.P.S. Many thanks for continuing to read and comment, dear friends. I'll update you next week.


Anonymous said...

Please, don't let Juan mess with your head! I just have this bad feeling that he takes your feelings very lightly and just doesn't care too much about toying with your emotions. So sorry about your friend still missing.

Eloise18 said...

Wow, I did not see that coming, I mean even with the drunken texting.
I hope it goes well and like miranda said, doesn't mess with your head too much :/ xxx

Stick Thin said...

I agree with both of those ladies!

Lets get in a nice run today then?! Woo

A Quiet Battle said...

Be strong... and hope it goes well with Juan.

So sad to hear your friend is still missing. So scary... I can't even imagine.

Hope your tummy is feeling better.

Jéanne said...

I still pray for Pauline. All the best for next week. Much love. :)

Peridot (G+P) said...

Oh dear. Stick to your guns with Juan and don't let him get away with any dickery, ok?

Yikes, are you coeliac? Lots of water and some green tea to help get rid of water bloat and fruit to keep you nutritioned for your running recovery, ok?

Love you *hugs*


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