Finals are over, time for the last weight loss push of the year

So, as I am sure you gathered from my title, I am finished with finals.  I am currently sitting in "my" room at my parents' house with my kitty and my knitting.

My leg still is not 100% better, but I went for an hour-long walk yesterday and a 3 mile run today.  I partied on Friday night like none other, so I need to be extra disciplined this week.

Friday was an absolute blast.  I went to the faculty Christmas party at the school where I coached this past spring.  It was so much fun to see my friends, get quite drunk (which I rarely rarely do) and dance my little tushie off.  I was something like 129.8 the morning of the party and then obviously ate and imbibed that evening.  This morning I was 131.6.  I have eaten some toast, hummus, and coffee today - so with more coffee and some water, I should be able to get under 131 by tomorrow.  Then, I am going to try my absolute hardest to drink water, eat veggies, and stay away from chocolate so I can be somewhere closer to 125 by Christmas.  I will be please as long as I can be 125 by the 30th, when Juan arrives.  Since I am going home on the 28th, I know I will barely eat that day and likely the 29th out of nerves, which should help.  I will be really sad if I cannot make that goal.

2012 is finally going to be the year where I will be thin.  I will get to 118 this year.  I will be so busy/stressed this spring and trying to save money, thus I will get rid of extra stress with long runs and reduce my grocery bill by eating less.  I am finally going to do it, and maintain it.  I really do not want to have to diet for my wedding someday, and that means finally being thin and staying that way.  118 is my magic number.  I will do it.

How is everyone?  I am sort of enjoying home so far - things are relatively low-key at home and I simply have knitting, wrapping, and catching up with friends and family on my "to-do list."

I really hope I can do this girls. 125 by the 30th. I have 11 days. That does not seem like enough time, but I have to try.

One last thing, Juan helped me choose my outfit for the party via Skype, and when I was modeling, he asked me, "Have you lost weight?" Oh, those four beautiful, inquisitive words...


Anonymous said...

Oh, horray for Juan! And for you, missy, you're clearly doing well. I'm so pleased for you that your finals are over. My final exam was yesterday, so I know how you feel!

Now we can truly concentrate on being the best versions of ourselves.

I hope you can be 125 by Christmas, what a perfect present that would be :)

Love you millions darling,
Adeline xx

Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying your time at home so far. I'm definitely planning on reaching my goals for next year...this year...probably not so much. You have 11 days. You can totally do it!!

Cierra said...

Congrats on finishing up your finals! Awww you and Juan are so cute! 6 pounds in 11 got this shit girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Yay for loosing weight! I'm sure you can do it and you'll look amazing for juan :)
Glad being home is going well too!
Lottie x

warlocksmistress said...

You are done finals! I'm glad you partied it up and that things are going awesome!

2012is THE year!

Anonymous said...

I bet your feel so much better now that your finals are over! It's that sense of relief- even though it only lasts through the holidays-it's still a great feeling! I really hope your leg starts feeling better soon. It's awful when you love exercising so much and then something happens that keeps you from exercising like you want. I'm glad you had a lot of fun Friday evening! I hope your week is amazing and if you don't write before Christmas, I wish you an awesome Christmas as well!

2012 is the year we all reach our goals: you included! You can do it- don't let anything slow you down or stop you. Just think, once you hit 125, then you have less than 10 lbs to lose before your GW! I wish I was as close to my goal weight as your are-but I guess it's things like this that takes time! I'm behind on tons of knitting- I was making a scarves for my friends back home for Christmas, but I've already had to tell them their gifts are going to be last because this month has been so busy! Take care ♥


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