Almost time to go home

I am taking my last exam this afternoon and leaving the morning to spend 12 days at home for the holidays.  I was 129.8 this morning.  If I eat super light today (though I'm having salty sushi for dinner and simply might retain water by morning) I will be under 130 again tomorrow and have reached my initial goal.

125 by Christmas.  I can do it.


A Quiet Battle said...

Awesome job with your weight! I hope the time at home is enjoyable and not stressful for you.

Anonymous said...

Good job!! I'm hoping to reach my goal weight too. Enjoy your vacation.

miss alisha said...

Good luck with your exam! I hope everything goes well. And congrats with your weight! That's awesome, you'll reach 125 for sure.

Peridot (G+P) said...


*Gabs you and dances around*

Enjoy those holidays, every second of them. You've earned them!

Part of my changes involve saving money for a trip to the UK or the USA. It will all depend on what happens at work with Boss' New Rosters and the issues with the 2IC candidate. (NB: Screwing the crew makes you less likely to be promoted, lol)

Take care and don't do anything I wouldn't enjoy! ;)


Anonymous said...

You can do it!
Good luck :)
Lottie x

Ophelia said...

I hope you final exam has gone well, take the time to rest now, you dererve it! Be good to yourself and look after yourself :) xxx


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