I was 133.8 pounds this morning.  I was 129.8 pounds last Friday.

How did I gain 4 pounds in one week?  I'll tell you how.  Eating.

I am going to fast today. (Tea, coffee, a bit of juice, and water until this evening - I am having company, so I'll have a few bites of the food I'm making). I am going to fast all day tomorrow too, and then on to Christmas lunch on Sunday afternoon.  I was trying to make 125 by Christmas.  Then, I thought 127 would be more doable.  Now, even under 130 seems like a dream.

I have to be under 130 by Sunday.

I have to be 125 by next Friday.

FML.  I was doing so well.  I need to go back to my apartment and be able to control my what food is in my house and when and how much I eat of it.  Being with my parents is torture in that respect.

Even though my leg hurts, I am going to run 4-6 miles right now.  I ran yesterday (4.5) but then I ate the special gluten-free, vegan pizza that my mom made me.

I'm so sorry girls.


Mich said...

You never have to apologize to us. <3

This is a bad time of year to beat yourself up for food and weight. Try not to be too hard on yourself! xoxoxoxo

tracy said...

You have no reason to be sorry.

As Mich mentioned, this is really a tough time of year...i woke up weighing about 3 pounds more than y e s t e r d a y GAH.

Better times ahead, yes?

i absolutely love your blog layout. Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Don't be sorry to us. We are here for triumph and if you fall short. No judgment. We are all sort of in this together and totally understand how you feel. Eating out of your element is always super super hard.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to apologise to us! Christmas time is hard, but maybe most of it is food weight? Don't worry, I'm sure you can be under 130 by Christmas :)
Lottie x

Eloise18 said...

Don't be sorry, we aren't screwed up enough to think that you are in any way letting US down. I don't even think you're letting YOU down because everyone is allowed to eat, kinda a fundamental part of life and human rights...
Thanks for you comments, esspecially the last one. I would love to spend xmas with you...kinda expensive to get to eachother though ;)


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