Almost the holidays

I feel like December is flying by, but not in a good way.  I need at least two more weeks to stay by myself, not go home, and keep losing.

I was down to 131.4 this morning before my run (I ran with a friend and I made us coffee and steel cut oatmeal afterward - 4T oats for her, 3T for me, 2/3 banana for her, 1/3 for me, and raisins in each, cooked with water).  My leg is still not really feeling better, but I just cannot keep sitting on my bum.  For lunch today I had a small apple, two tablespoons of hummus, and low-fat tortilla chips from Trader Joe's.  I am not sure of the calorie count, but I think I am ok so far.  Tonight, I am going to my roommate's parents' house for a bit, so I need to only taste what he is making (he specified that he was making tapenade so that I would be able to eat some).  Then, we are probably going to drink.  I would love to have two glasses of wine, but if I do that, that means I really should not dinner.  Maybe if I am truly hungry, I will have a salad of a head of romaine and broccoli slaw, dressed with lemon.  That sounds like a good plan and it will at least make me look like I am eating quite a bit.

Tomorrow, I have plans to meet another friend in DC for brunch.  We are going to meet at Le Pain Quotidien.  I know they have vegan options, so if I skip breakfast and avoid breakfast pastries, I am sure I can find something salad-y and low calorie that will be enjoyable and worth it.  Monday, I am meeting a study group at Panera, but I think I will feign waking up late, having a late breakfast, and stick with coffee or a soy latte.

I am nervous to go home and not really be able to control my food intake as easily.  I need to be under 130 by next Friday when I go home.  That should be simple, considering that means losing two pounds.  But, sometimes when the loss is going along swimmingly, you hit a plateau.  I would just love love love to be 125 when Juan arrives.  125 is just above my UGW of 118.  Maybe my UGW is too high?  I am over 5'7", but I doubt I will look thin enough at 118.  Maybe I should try not to think about it, since I am still gigantic and very far away (more than ten pounds).  Anyone have any advice?

Does anyone use Tumblr?  I have been using is fairly frequently, lately and would love for you to pay me a visit if you wish...

And in totally unrelated news, I think my cat just woke up from a nightmare.  She was sound asleep and all of a sudden bolted up and hissed.  There is no one else here and nothing to scare her.  :)  Oh my little Lou Lou.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan :) I'm sure you can be 130 by then :) and 125 for juan :)
I think you will look great at 118, it's a pretty low BMI :) I think you will look skinny, but healthy :) and if you didn't like it, you could try to maintain, but muscle build for a bit to see if that helped :)
Lottie x


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