I can hardly believe it is October already

As is customary after a bit of an absence, I offer my apologies for not writing when I should be.  I am finally feeling settled in school and in my new neighborhood, so I think I will have more time for writing in the next few months before the semester ends.

I think I left off just a day after the half-marathon with a brief posting of my time.  Well, the race went wonderfully.  Apparently, people clocked the distance on their Garmins as being about a quarter-mile longer than 13.1 - in that case, I may have actually finished in just under two hours, which was my goal.  In the days since, I have been running, but not training (meaning, I need to sign up for another race so I don't get lazy), burying myself in schoolwork, the fourth season of Mad Men, and too much eating.  

Unsurprisingly, my weight is still hovering between 136-137.  Too. Damn. Much.  I think my newest plan - besides shunning carbs as a food-group - will be to skip one meal per day.  I normally do not advocate such a thing, unless one is fasting, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  I am also going to try and have a cup of tea before my two meals of the day in order to try and truly assess my appetite and hopefully fill me up beforehand. 

Today I have already consumed far more than necessary - a smoothie with half a banana, mango chunks, and equal splashes (1/4 cup each) of vegetable/fruit juice, almond milk, and unsweetened soy yogurt, a slice of homemade vegan, gluten-free pumpkin ginger bread, six almonds, and with my mid-morning tea, a four tea-biscuits (130 calories for the four).

I know that we are often always setting and not reaching goals in this community, but I am feeling particularly determined right now, and with the beginning of a new season, I think I can truly do this.  The pressure of school is going to make me stressed (in a good, appetite-suppressing way) and the weather will be absolutely perfect for logging many miles through the falling leaves.  I will eat more elegantly and sparingly - enough to let my body rid itself of all of the excess fat while still having the energy to run and write papers.  I am going to be faster, leaner, and more beautiful.  I want my arms, back, abs, and legs to be nothing but lean muscle, I've had enough cushion.

How are you ladies feeling about fall?  I think the cold weather we are experiencing right now will pass by the end of the week, but I love being able to hide in sweaters and tights and boots.  Being bundled means people can imagine you thinner underneath - or at least that's what I hope.

I have been reading all of my subscriptions this week, but I am terribly behind on commenting.  Thank you so much for the positive responses regarding my race.  I hope at least one person is motivated to run.  It is cheap, you can do it anywhere, it fills you with endorphins, allows you to escape, and there really is no wrong way.  You might be fast, you might be slow, but if you run - you're a runner.

I found these lovely photos on The Sartorialist this week - totally in love...



Eloise18 said...

Lovely to see a post from you again :) and well done on the race!

becca; said...

well done on the race! and totally agree with autumn stuff, i cant wait for cold weather! xo.

A Quiet Battle said...

Glad to hear you're settling in nicely. : ) And great job again on the race!

I love the fall... cooler weather, beautiful colors. I'm with you, definitely feeling like goals are going to be met this season.

And thanks for your love on my blog. I'm okay...

Anonymous said...

Glad you are "settling in" that's half the battle sometimes. Hopefully the change in seasons brings you that renewed motivation and determination to reach your weight goals. Oh, and in regards to my chronic fatigue-At my last Dr appt the iron levels in my blood were a tad bit low but not enough for the doctor to recommend anything about it. so...who knows.

Run said...

Well done on the race. It's nice to know you are settling in well. :)

I can't wait for fall! Bring on the cold weather already. :) It's such a beautiful season.

Stick Thin said...

Lovely pictures.

i love what you said about runners. It's totally true. You don't have to be any thing specific to be a runner, you just have to run. I love to do it to escape and just be in the moment. I get sad when it gets colder, I hate getting the runners cough and snotty nose from running outside in the cold.

good luck with your goals!

bambi phaedra athena said...

wow the second one is totally beautiful.

what are you studying in grad school? I get what you mean though, because I'm also a real "school" person too. as in, I make a good student, I guess.

and I always end up breaking a fast when I've got too much hw (llike the past few weeks or so). It's super annoying because I can't focus on my work when all I can think about is food...you know what I'm saying?

I live in california, so today it was pretty hot and I had dry mouth during 800s. I love being cuddly in my warm clothes in the fall though.

anyway, best of luck to you & thank you for the comment xx

Sophie said...

Welcome back! And congratulations on your half marathon. What do you think you'll sign up for next? I love the autumn too, but it always brings with it a certain sense of foreboding, winter being so close on its heels. Winter in the UK is just as you would imagine it - dark and cold and the air is constantly damp, even when it's not raining. But it makes me happy to know that elsewhere people are enjoying the changing seasons :)
All the best with your new goals! Keep us posted :)

Dani said...

i knew u would settle in just fine
and im sorry for my posts i just type what im feeling at the time i didnt realize it bugged ppl so much im uusally in a rush and im not good with grammer it never mixed with me well in school but i'll try harder

Mich said...

Glad the race went well, and glad you've settled in!!



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