Race results

Place    Runner    State    Age    Sx       Time              Pace        ChipTime
973.      Sarah           NJ        24        F        2:02:32.14       9:21           2:01:51.44

Oh, and 2222 people ran it.

My goal was just under two hours, but I didn't train well enough for that. I figured I was going to end up averaging a 10-min mile pace, but this was significantly better.

I'll get to a proper post tomorrow or Tuesday, I promise.


A Quiet Battle said...

Wow, you did awesome! Congratulations! I have so much respect for people who run marathons.

Ahava אהבה said...

amazing! Great job, really. I suck at running soooo badly and i really admire people who can run in races and stuff. I hope someday ill be able to run like you...thats my goal (:

Cierra said...


Jéanne said...

Wowzahs! That's fantastic, Sarah! Well done! :)

Anonymous said...

Well done. How does it feel to kick major butt?

Dani said...

u still did great

bambi phaedra athena said...

i've just sort of stumbled on here, but I think it's great that you've run a half marathon, and your pace is pretty good! I'm an aspiring half-marathon runner so to speak. The most i've ever raced is a 10k :)

um yeah. check out my blog :)


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