I skipped lunch yesterday but overindluged at dinner (a friend took me out as a belated birthday present).

My weight was horrific this morning.

I struggled to finish my two pieces of toast with a bit of jam.  220 calories, including almond milk in my coffee.

No running today/tomorrow/possibly Thursday.  I cut my foot/my achilles tendons are on the verge of inflamed and I have to work from 9-5 in DC tomorrow and Thursday.  If they're better in the morning, I'll run tomorrow and Thursday evenings instead.

I know I already know the answer to this, since it is entirely my fault, but why am I so fat?

This is going to be my autumn.  I have to do this.

118.  Someday.


Anonymous said...

Uggg! I know that feeling of regret. It sucks! Why can't we stop it before instead of regretting it after. Hope your Achilles gets better so you can exercise.

Isobel said...

thank you for your comment. i don't have words right now but I'll come back soon darling. don't dare give up xx

A Quiet Battle said...

Ooh, definitely sounds like your feet need a rest! And I so know the feeling of regret after eating something I feel I shouldn't have. Ugh. Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be like "most" people and just eat and not give it a second thought.

Sam said...

Just let your foot rest, it may seem like a long time but three days is far better than a couple months, or even weeks.


Dani said...

yeah i do live in that area the town u mentioned ur family doesnt live far fro me then i was gonna email u but im tired and cant find the send msg button but my email is if u ever wanna talk

Stick Thin said...

let it rest so you can heal! It sucks to make injuries worse. Feel better.


bambi phaedra athena said...

if you can, get biofreeze. it's $12 and a total life saver for inflammation.

Anonymous said...

arggg, I hate this feeling that we are all in probably 85% of the time, the feeling of pure fatness, and the determination that lasts.... right about until the time we hit the kitchen. But you can do the real deal, you can fight it!

Mich said...

Hope the tendons feel better!! Messing up your Achilles is THE WORST. But yeah definitely let heal. You don't want to end up like me, trying to hide your limp for the rest of your life... :/



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