Fat, as usual...

I am really not in the mood to write.

My weekend was awesome - took Thursday off after my 10 miler on Wednesday.  Ran Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, skipped Tuesday and Wednesday, and did a baby 3 miles yesterday in the yucky humidity.  My half marathon is this Sunday, so I am skipping today (boo it's raining) and will run 4 miles tomorrow late afternoon if it's not pouring.

My weight was bearable yesterday - 136.6 after my run, but it's up today and I feel insanely fat and round and gross.  I skipped breakfast but had a mini-lunch-binge of two corn tortillas with vegan cheese, three mochi treats from the asian market, wasabi peas, a cookie, and a banana.  If I keep drinking tea and coffee for the rest of the day, I'll be a little happier.

It is my goal to just subsists on green tea and coffee for the rest of the evening.

I have class (biostatistics) from 7-10pm tonight.  Tomorrow, I am leaving bright and early to drive home to NJ.

Sorry this post is incredibly uninspired right now.  I hope everyone remembered to wish Mich a happy birthday - seems like a popular month around here, because I know a few of us have been celebrating.

I hope the weather clears up and the conditions are better for traveling tomorrow.  I may get to post tomorrow night, otherwise stop back on Sunday night or Monday for a race re-cap!  I have a huge project due on Tuesday and am driving back Monday/have class, and am working before my class in DC on Tuesday, so I doubt I will have time for a lengthy post and/or comments.

Bon weekend!


Does It Even Matter said...

Necklace is absolutely beautiful!! You have a wonderful man!!

Anonymous said...

I really wish I had the heart and motivation to run like you! That's awesome. Lovely necklace. Sorry you miss your honey but glad you got to see him.

Peridot (G+P) said...

Awww, Juan is cute :p

Running. . . How on earth do you do it? Seriously! Maybe I just need a better sports bra, lol.

Hope you have a good weekend < 3

Dani said...

the necklace is so pretty


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