10.2 miles before 10am

134.6 after my run this morning.  Mind you, my run was 10.2ish miles so I sweat a lot.  I wore my new compression sleeves.

I definitely noticed that my legs felt less fatigued, but my ankles were still really painful by the end from pounding on the sidewalk.  According to my heart monitor, I burned around 1300 calories, which is awesome.  Due to my detox, I will certainly have a calorie deficit today.  During my run, I had coconut water (100cal), then had soy yogurt, six almonds, and a drizzle of honey for breakfast.  It is lunchtime now, and I had some snap peas and veggie/fruit juice, but I am not very hungry.

For the rest of the day, I need to drink a lot of water and rest - which is fine, since I do not have class and only have a meeting with the professor for whom i am doing my research assistantship.  I will walk to campus, but that should help with active recovery.

If I do really well today, I know I'll be about 135-136 tomorrow.  I want that so badly.  On my way home, I will stop at the grocery store for some lettuce and lemons so I can make another awesome salad like the past two nights.  Lemon juice is such good salad dressing, honestly.  It is so flavorful that I really do not miss the oil.  And, I find that if I stack my calories in the beginning of the day - small but nutritious breakfast, something hot and filling for lunch (like vegetable soup, or something with a whole grain - though not now, since I am trying to eat extra low calories), and a salad - even if it is quite large - for dinner makes me feel great, and most importantly, not guilty!

Anyway, the next few days I have to do a ton of schoolwork and research and clean my apartment (including laundry), and the first floor of our house from top-to-bottom. I'm going to leave some comments now and I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Don't forget to drink green tea and eat your veggies


becca; said...

well done on your run and good luck with your weigh-in tomorrow morning! i'm sure you'll see a loss :) xo.

sofia said...

those are some spiffy socks. ;) and ill be sure to try lemon juice in my salads. good luck on your weigh in tomorrow. <3 stay lovely.

A Quiet Battle said...

Awesome job on your exercise and intake today! I've never thought of using lemon juice on salads...sounds really good.

Those sock-thingies look quite cute, really. : )

Sam said...

It's great that you have been able to stick to this new healty eating style. I find it hard to stay healthy, as I tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl. Good luck I know you'll meet your goal.


Peridot (G+P) said...

OMIGOSH, to they do waist compressors? For people who can't afford a waits-training corset? :O

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah, the USA rugby team does suck a bit. Lol, you did pretty bloody well against Ireland though! I've got no probs with you backing NZ!

Ka mate, ka mate, ka ora, ka ora :p Look up a translation of the Haka lyrics, it's bloody terrifying! Rofl, the Haka is a war dance, it's supposed to intimidate and challenge. The Aussies responded with a chorus of 'Waltzing Matilda'
once that caused a bit of controversy, but I think it was bloody great! Really got into the spirit of the challenge :3

Best of luck for tomorrow, love.


Isobel said...

TEN MILES?!?! damn girl! you are killing it! xxxx

Does It Even Matter said...

I agree with Isobel above!! Epic girl you are craaazzzzyyyy daisy. (I say this because I'm tres jealous) lol. Ur doing great!!

Ahava אהבה said...

youre a LEGEND! I can barely run a mile! if i were able to burn that much in a day, id be a stick in no time! thanks SO SO SO much for inspiring me. im officially going on a run first thing tomorrow. thanks!!

Cierra said...

Hope you're enjoying your time with Juan!

Dani said...

wow 10 miles thats great

Mich said...

10 miles is amazing! I don't know how you do it. ;)

Those are fabulous leg warmers.


Stick Thin said...

ha ha . I love your advice at the bottom.

10 miles. I am jealous of your determination. It makes me want to get off my but right now and go for a run.

I am going to go now.



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