Sunday, I only had tea and a pear before heading into DC to meet my friend.  We had salads for dinner (greens, tofu, carrots, oranges, almonds, and carrot-ginger dressing) and then she offered me pretzels.  I had a handful and drank a ton of water, so I felt I got off to an ok start.

Yesterday, I went to the Dr. Paul Farmer talk about his new book Haiti After The Earthquake, and had a Clif Bar for breakfast.  (By the way, the talk was great, although too short - but he is my hero, and I waited for two hours to have my books signed and to meet him.  If you do not know who Paul Farmer is, please read Mountains Beyond Mountains, stat)  Lunch was baby carrots and tea.  Dinner was a huge salad of romaine, potatoes, mushrooms, cucumber, tomatoes and tahini/lemon for dressing.  I drank copious amounts of tea and water yesterday too.

This morning, I went for a 4.6 mile run, and was 136.2 afterward.  I am hoping to be that tomorrow before my run, but we'll see.  Today, I had coconut water when I returned from my run, soy yogurt, celery, and two big mugs of green tea. Tonight, I will have a piece of fruit and whatever vegetables I can round up from my refrigerator - maybe a broccoli-slaw salad?

I know that Adeline, Isobel, and Skeleton Skinny are all participating in some sort of detoxing/liquid fast this week.  Please do what you can to encourage them on their quests.  Mine isn't a liquid fast, but I am not eating a stitch of junk, and with the exception of the soy yogurt, I am eating completely unprocessed, raw foods and lots of green tea.

Either tomorrow or Friday I will get in my long run.  I would like to dedicate tomorrow to school work and cleaning, so maybe I'll only do 4-6 miles, but sometime this week I need to run 10+, which is my last really long run before the half marathon on the 25th.


PrettyLies said...

hmm, healthy and not processed sounds quite appealing. could i join you a bit late in the week? oh and would greek yogurt count? i need to eat it before it goes bad. good luck with the running, you can do it!

Sea said...

Wow I am impressed with your eating! it sounds both healthy & decadent. green tea, what a great idea, you've motivated me to brew a cup or two tomorrow!! good luck on your upcoming marathon.

Peridot (G+P) said...

Fuck I need to cut down on processed shit. Mmmmmm I'm totally wishig I could afford Cyclops yoghurt right now. Yummy, rich creamy goodness. Their frozen yoghurt is the shiz!

Totally going to a detox thing in November, when I don't have to worry about having energy for work! Best of luck for the next few days <3 YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Sports are great for channelling aggression and finding a common ground with people of other nations. Lol, sanctioned rivalry and nobody likes the Ref! Crafts and music also provide a common language for people of different origins. So much fun!

Watching the faces of some Argentina supporters when someone Kiwi yelled 'Go Argentina!' in bad Spanish was utter magic. I can't wait for Friday and saying to the Japan supporters "Sorry, but we're gonna win!" in my shitty Formal Japanese. Should just stick with Sports-Club-Slang, no?

OMG you lived in Paris? Who are you backing for the Cup? Lol, I don't really mind hwo gets it so long as it comes to the Southern Hemisphere XD

Love you <3

sofia said...

good luck detoxing! heaven knows i need one of those. question: how long have you been a vegan? ive been trying for about a month now, and its really hard switching over. any tips? thank you. and once again, good luck. <3 p.s. you inspired me to go running. ;)

Mich said...

Good luck with the no junk! I'm trying to do the same, but it's tough. Doing good so far today, tho--brought lots of veggies and healthy things to work, and am forcing lots of water and tea.

Hope you're having a good week! <3

Does It Even Matter said...

Due to recent ailments and backing up I have been wanting to do a detox...just havent made it to the store yet. When I start i will def will be feeling better!! Good luck and stay strong!

Dani said...

god i need to detox my body so bad but idk if i should cause of all the doc appts ugh


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