I have not weighed this much in ages.  139.8 this morning.  I disgust myself.

After my mud-run 5k this morning I will not eat anything.  Nor tomorrow.  I have to at least get down to 136 before I feel even the slightest bit better about myself.

I should have been 120 a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself up about the weight gain- it'll only discourage you and make you feel much worse. Just know that yes, you have gained a bit, but you can definitely lose it again! You CAN and there's nothing stopping you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ♥

zette said...

sorry you're so blue. but you'll get back down soon. i hope your 5k went well. drink lots of water while you fast. hang in there, doll. chin up.
zette said...

At least you did a 5k! That's awesome!

And going from 139 to 136 should not take you that long, so don't get too worried about the gain.

Cierra said...

oh sister i hear about the 120. i hope we both get there some day.

Dani said...

im sorry that u gained weight hun but u will lose it again i know u will


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