Doing a bit better

I am still horrified that I managed to gain five-or-so pounds in six days.  Thank you for all of your extremely kind and encouraging comments.

I did not really do a proper fast, but Wednesday I definitely will.  Saturday morning, I ran a 5k mud run at a ski slope that was really hard (although I was hardly tired at the end because my teammates were forcing me to go so slowly).  I ate fairly well the rest of the day - granola bar, veggie burger, fruit, a normal serving of gluten-free, vegan pizza.  Yesterday was fine, I skipped breakfast, had coffee and gluten-free toast for lunch, a rice cake, fresh corn, tomatoes, sweet potato, and popcorn and lots of water.  I just returned from a three mile run and weighed in at 137.8.

I'm second from the left,  #918

So you all know that I am going to graduate school this fall.  Well, my mom and I drove down to Virginia on Friday to find an apartment.  Last night, I found out that I got the one I really wanted and I am moving TOMORROW!  I will probably go for a run in the morning, skip breakfast in lieu of coffee, have lunch, and likely skip dinner out of tiredness.  Then, Wednesday, I plan to fast.  I need to stay hydrated and I want to no focus on eating for a little while, especially while I get started with school.  Once I truly start classes and such, I'll practically be living off of coffee and surely the weight will come off.

Today, I am eating 1/4 cup oatmeal mixed with a small banana, and 1T chopped pecans and 4oz grapefruit juice for breakfast.  I was really hungry after my run and can easily work on packing through lunch.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


A Quiet Battle said...

You are seriously so adorable, tiny and fit-looking. I know you don't see it, but I think you look fabulous!

Congrats on the apartment! I always think it's exciting to move to a new place. Feels like a fresh start.

I'm sorry you and Juan don't live closer. It must be really difficult. : (

Sea said...

You are so tiny and gorgeous! and you look like you are having an excellent time! congrats on finding a perfect apartment. take care of yourself, you'll need the energy for moving :)

Cierra said...

AHHHH good luck moving! Yes school should keep your mind at least a bit off of your weight. I'm studying for the GRE and getting ready for my first day of work, so I'm more focused on that than anything.

And yes I get the mango chunks! I blend 1/2 cup each of frozen mango, frozen blueberries, and frozen pineapple tidbits w/ some vanilla greek yogurt, water, and 1 tbsp of TJs roasted blueberry flaxseed. AWESOME treat for breakfast or dessert :)

Peridot (G+P) said...

Sweet lords of the sun do I wish I was even HALF as fit as you!! Lol, you look like you were having a mud war and dealing out some serious pwnage.


ZoeP said...

Wow!!! You're legs are freakin' tiny! You're very gorgeous and tiny! And mawssive congratulations on your superhuman levels of fitness! :)

Mich said...

You are TINY!! And I love how you still look really friggin cute even when you're covered in mud. :D

Congrats on the apartment!!



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