Little update

I am finally moved in and settled into my new place in Virginia.  Classes began on Monday and I just have some background reading to do for my research assistantship.

I am hovering around 137ish.  I feel disgusting, naturally.  I explained to my friend today that I think the stress of the semester combined with my extremely strict budget will certainly result in getting me down to my goal weight - I told her 125, but I know I want to be 118.

118.  It seems so far now.

I bought a pair of shoes today.  Forbidden, I know, because I am living on student loans and barely making it to my first paycheck.  They were $25.  I promised myself that I would not go grocery shopping for anything extraneous - only meal food, nothing remotely snack-like - and I will not shop until I have finished all of the food in my fridge/freezer (lettuce, carrots, hummus, applesauce, apples, soy milk, peas, corn, a bit of GF bread, rice cakes, etc - vegetables, mostly).  That way, I will not be tempted by higher calorie treats.  Oatmeal or soy yogurt for breakfast with a smidge of honey, salad for lunch, more veggies for dinner and nothing but coffee or tea in between.  I am still training for the half marathon, so inevitably, between more walking, my daily runs, stress, and being poor, I must lose weight.

Juan might be coming next weekend for my birthday.  I would like to be under 135 by then.  He would potentially arrive on my birthday, Friday.  That is 9 days right?  I think I can handle that.

I am reading the book Going Hungry.  Quite good.  It actually makes me feel relieved that I am not the only person who has weird eating issues with anorexic tendencies who isn't truly a full-blown anorexic.

Hopefully, I will have more time to write this weekend.  I promise I am reading, just not commenting at the moment.

Welcome back Isobel and Adeline.


Run said...

We have a similar-ish weight.
I always tell my friends I want to be a weight higher than I actually want to be. They'd probably think I was mad if I told them the truth.
Being a student is good, but the tight budgets are something I hate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you darling, it's good to be back - I've missed you so much while I was away.

This post made me feel so happy for you. I love fresh starts and that, my dear, is precisely the gift you've been given! Lucky chook.

How exciting that your birthday is so close. Ohhhh I'm just brimming with excitement for you! How will you celebrate?

Your biggest fan,
Adeline xx

A Quiet Battle said...

Congrats on getting all settled in. Do you like it pretty well?

I'm tight on money, too. It can certainly be an incentive NOT to binge when you don't have the money for anything extra, though.

I need to look up Going Hungry. It looks interesting. And always nice to know that you're not alone.

Does It Even Matter said...

I understand the 118 feeling. Thats my goal weight....and I'm 150. IMAGINE how shitty that feels inside. I know you know lol. Good luck training. :) said...

You can definitely do this - it took me about 4 months to go from 137-ish to 118. It may not be instant, but the progress along the way will make you feel loads better and will make the days, sometimes weeks, of not losing a little bit more tolerable.

Hope classes are going well for you!

Best of luck!

small said...

The shoes -- my journal and pens -- whatever works, right?

Hope you are settling in to your new nest.


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