In need of some perspective

I have cellulite on the backs of my legs.  I know I have weight to lose, but I am not obese and I work out every day.  I am only turning 24 on Friday.  How is this possible?

I need to do some reflecting and write out some sort of plan.  I have had this blog for more than a year, and when it is all said and done, I got down to 128 and gained it all back.  I am now 136-137 every day.

Enough is enough.  I am going to sit down and think, and write a day-to-day plan.  I will plan out every minute of my day so there is no time to rest.  I need to be productive and I need to be thin.  I will dominate my school work and my diet.  120, I can do it.  17 pounds seems like so much right now, but I can do it.  Enough is enough.


Run said...

Writing a day-to-day plan sounds a pretty good idea actually. There would be no time to go massively off the rails or anything.


Sea said...

We are so similar!! i got excited because the scale was lower than it has been for awhile. looking back, however, it's my starting weight. this is disappointing, i need to get down to a weight where I am comfortable & where i can breathe in!

all the things she said said...

I find plans really help me out a lot, hopefully it'll work for you too!

Adeline said...

Darling, almost every woman has cellulite, at any age. It has nothing to do with being fat - one of the thinnest girls I knew in college had cellulite.

Just please don't feel ashamed about something entirely natural and normal. It's not fair on yourself!

This plan is a wonderful idea, and I know you'll succeed. You're so inspiring to me sweety.

Don't be too hard on yourself!

All my love,
Adeline xx

Isobel said...

did you reach into my mind? I too have been desperately asking myself 'how did I get here?'

it's so hard to get back into the rhythm of things. I've been trying for a few days now but with little success.

Planning is key you're so right! Behind you 100& darling xx

ZoeP said...

Sadly it's true, cellulite is a genetic thing rather than a weight thing. I'm 23 and I discovered my cellulite for the first time the other week. It's a bit like the moment when you find your first grey hair - one of those horrible aging moments!
Your plan to keep very busy by focusing on your studies etc is inspiring. How are your studies going?

Dani said...

i love plans but never work out caus my life never does
its nuts ima b 26 in january i dont feel that old


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