Too heavy but feeling ok

I woke up a 5:45 this morning to see the sunshine pouring in my window and hear the birds singing.  I quickly decided I should just put on my clothes and go for a run before my salon appointment and simply get my day started right.  5.2 miles and 45ish minutes later, I returned home, took a quick shower, guzzled a glass of water and had a handful of grapes.  The scale miraculously reported 134.8 (which would probably be a bit lower, since I usually weigh around 9-10am before having breakfast and after a bathroom trip or two).  Of course, I am not under 130 as I wished to be before Thursday.  There is no hope for that now, but I am feeling ok about it.  Mostly, I think the incredibly kind and encouraging words that you all have left for me in the past two weeks or so has put my anxieties at ease, at least temporarily.

Breakfast was three (two normal and the tiny heel of the loaf) slices of gluten free toast with a scraping of peanut butter and some strawberry jam that I made last week which is all being washed down with copious amounts of iced black coffee.  I can already feel the caffeine kicking in, and combined with the endorphins from running, I feel pretty damn good this morning.

Today, I must continue to job hunt and send out resumes and cover letters as well as pack for my California voyage that begins Thursday afternoon.  I am so insanely excited to see Juan - the last time we were together was April.  And I must say a big thank you for all of the well wishes and excitement that you have expressed!  What lovely, sweet ladies (and gents??) frequent my blog and leave comments.  I do not know what I do without you all - especially the most loyal Dani, Adeline, Cinnamon, Peri, Mich, TaiIsobel, and Eloise (not that I don't appreciate everyone else too!!!).  I promise I will take a few photos of some sort on Wednesday before I leave, and plenty while I am gone!

Have a lovely Monday!


Cinnamon Brown said...

I woke up to rain pouring in my window! I let the cat out early and left the window open! Brrr!

Well done on a good start to the day. I'm sure you will have done better than you think by Thursday.

Good luck with the resumes. I hope your dream job finds you!

Happy packing, Babe and hang in there! <3. XXX.

Mich said...

Thanks for your comments - you're such a sweetheart!!!

You MADE your own strawberry jam? I bet it tastes heavenly!

Good luck on the job hunt!


Dani said...

aww love u friend u really dont have to send me nething but if u really want to u can im sure they are very yummy :)
i have gluten free bread as well well have too ihate how expensive it is but i have no choice to pay that price and it sucks ugh
yay for a run though thats grea

Anonymous said...

Your morning sounds great! Well done running :)
Good luck job hunting!
Lottie x

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, inspiring post. I read it while almost living it myself and thought, we are more similar than we think, she and I! I too was having black coffee and grapes, having woken up to see the sunrise (although I wasn't brave enough to go for a run when it is this cold - sook I know).

I love you so much, I feel so inspired by you darling.

I hope you have the most perfect time away - I'm leaving on Thursday too!

Hugs, encouragement, gratitude,
Adeline xx

Isobel said...

too heavy but feeling ok - ditto. I love you sweetheart - good luck job hunting!! xx

Peridot (G+P) said...

You're amazing! HOW do you get out of bed in the mornings, let alone that early?


YOU, Oh Gorgeous One, are my new role model!

Good luck with the job hunting, I hope you find one with nice coworkers <3


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