Too excited to feel discouraged today

So clearly I have no achieved my sub-130 goal before my grand voyage to California.  After my run I was 133.8 - the lowest I have been in some time, actually.  While I may not have reached my true goal, I am honestly so excited for my travels tomorrow that I will not let it get me down.

I am also starting to think that perhaps my weight is not the best gauge of my thinness (or lack there-of).  Although I am certainly not as thin, particularly in the waist, as I was when I hit 129ish in December, my waist this morning was about 25 ¾ inches, which is similar to what I was then.  I have been working out, lifting weights, and running so faithfully over the past year or so.  And finally, we have a "progress photo" that we can compare to these.  I think my legs are slimmer, but basically all I have done is put on muscle.  I was hovering around 130 in those photos.  Ugh, I don't know!!!!  Sorry the color is bad and the photo is blurry - bad lighting + taking a picture via a mirror is a bad combination.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of their week and holiday, if you are celebrating the Fourth.  I am not bringing my computer with me, so I will have a ton of commenting and reading to catch up on, as well as many photos to post.

At 5:50pm EST tomorrow, I will be well on my way to sunny Souther California to see my love :)  Can't want to tell you all about it.  Fill your tummies with good-for-you veggies and get your tushies off the couch!!!


Anonymous said...

I think measurements are more reliable for me now too, because I have gained a lot of muscle :)
I think your legs look slightly slimmer and I love your ribs in that photo, I wish mine stuck out like that!
Have a great time with Juan :)
Lottie x

Cinnamon Brown said...

Are your bones made of solid lead? Look at how tiny you are, I can't believe you're 133.8! You look amazing, Sarah!

I hope you have heaps of fun with your man. All the best for the trip. Travel safely. <3. XXX.

Mich said...

You are so skinny!!!

I feel like my body is in the same place--I'm heavier than I was at my lowest, but my measurements are the same. And hardly anything wobbles anymore, so I figure it's muscle weight.

Regardless of what the scale says, you look hot! Juan will be swept off his feet when he sees you. :D


Anonymous said...

You're truly fitspo to me. You look really great and your waist is tiny! (It's 5 inches smaller than mine- so I can't wait to have a waist that small soon). I definitely agree with Mich, you're hot and I think the scale is just jealous! I hope you have a fun time out in the lovely sunny Cali with Juan- definitely tell us how it went!

Dani said...

u look grat to me and remmber muslce weighs more so u could of put on msucle but lost inches as well
have a great time in cali i always wanted to visit there but have fun

Impractical Shopper said...

Im loving seeing another french lover on here!!! instant follow-age ;) and I think your great, you've done great and you look great - inches speak louder than weights your body is absolutely gorgeous - like fricking hell i WANT a 133 reading on the scales and i WANT a 25inch waist!!! you are some serious thinspo for me my dear.
Really loving the blog, please visit mine:

Sea said...

You look amazing! those abs of yours are killer! have a wonderful time with Juan, your body is terrific so have no worries about that!!!

Peridot (G+P) said...


130lbs of muscle looks an imperial fuckton smaller than 120lbs of fat :p You're on to a good thing.


Cierra said...

HAVE FUN IN CALI. Oh P.S. you're a serious hottie!


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