I have been hovering between 134-136 for weeks now.  Even if I have a few great days of clean, minimal eating, I lose nothing.

Today, I am cracking down, because now the wedding is only three weeks away.  My breakfast, after a 4.2 mile, super humid run was a smoothie made of one banana, mango, 1/2 cup light soymilk, 2 teaspoons flax meal, ice and water.  For a mid-morning snack (which will be my lunch, really) I had one serving of almonds.  That totals 430 calories so far.  I downloaded the app from calorie counter at about.com, which I have been using for years already.  The last weight I put in there was one the 21st of April, and though it was probably after my run, I entered 131.8.  What has happened to me???

I have relatively big (not weight or relationship related) news to announce, hopefully by the end of this week.  

Have a great day ladies, stay strong, make good, healthy, skinny choices.


Cinnamon Brown said...

Keep going, Sarah. You can do it! Can't wait to hear the big news. <3. XXX.

efflorescentwings said...

Everything sounds lovely.

Cierra said...

I'm teetering too, but don't worry we can do it girl!

Cinnamon Brown said...

Sounds like a plan, Sarah! I'd love to go on an adventure with you! <3. XXX.

Mich said...

Hovering is the worst, but you can get out of that rut! <3

I'm excited for the big news. :D



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