Training week two

I will be through with my second week of half-marathon training tomorrow.  I find it very strange that on this training plan, I am actually exercising quite a bit less than I was before hand.  This week was three easy miles on Monday, my bursting class on Tuesday, four easy miles on Wednesday, bursting Thursday, rest yesterday, three easy miles today and five tomorrow.  Unfortunately, this abominable heat makes me want to do nothing, but I got up early to get in my run this morning.  Yesterday, it was 106 degrees at my house... in the shade...  I spent the day with my friend Kathryn, the one who is engaged and in whose wedding I am set to be a bridesmaid next summer (maybe I haven't mentioned her on here before, but anyway).  She has a lovely pool, and even though I was of course feeling super self-conscious, I put on my bikini and swam in the pool and spread out in the sun.  Luckily, I did not get a bit of sunburn and actually tanned slightly.  My calories for the day totaled somewhere just around 1,000.  Obviously I feel like that is too much, but I know it is actually still too little.

My calorie tracker is really helpful.  I can input my exercise and intake so easily, and I know this is going to help me.  Today I made a smoothie and had a mid-morning snack of almonds and I am just under 300 calories so far.  I am going to eat something very small, under 200, for lunch in case I want to have a glass of wine tonight.  My college roommate is getting married on the 14th (hence the dress I am trying to fit into - which miraculously, although I may be delusional, I think fit slightly better this morning) and her bridesmaids took her to a cabin resort in the Poconos for the weekend.  I live just over the river in NJ, so my other roommate from college is meeting me here in a bit and we'll drive out there for the afternoon.  I am not sure what the food and drink situation will be for tonight, so I need to keep it minimal for lunch.  I also think I may have to be in my bathing suit again, so I want to try and look at least halfway decent.

As for my big news, still not quite ready to reveal yet.  Mich, since we are friends on FB, if you look on my wall just over the past week, I know I mentioned it there - if you happen to be that curious.  Otherwise, hopefully I can tell everyone next week.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, and for those of you in the States, stay out of the heat and drink plenty of water!!!


Mich said...

Hope you're not doing anything too strenuous outside!! It's awful out; I really hate this weather. :(

I left a comment on your facebook. :D

What calorie tracker are you using?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing easy about miles (plural) in my book. You must really be in shape. I love calorie tracking too. It's very comforting and having apps makes it so easy. Same question as mich-which one do you use?

Peridot (G+P) said...

The pattern in a JohnQ one I bought at the Crackstore >.<

OMG YESYESYESYES!! We can use stuff from the Retreat's Vege Garden for 'exclusive' dishes and I was planning on running some alpaca and a few sheep for home use :3 There is always a window for selling exorbitantly priced hand-spun yarn. WE MUST DO THIS!

Its snowing outside again. . . wanna swap? :p


Sea said...

Thanks for leaving a comment, i'll be posting again soon! you are doing so well with the exercise - you will look stunning in that dress. i'm anticipating the BIG news! have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

This heat sucks horribly. I makes me not want to do anything but hide in my dark, cold basement. I might have told you once already but I'll tell you again- I think that's awesome that you're going a marathon! You're already like a running goddess to me so I bet you're gong to do awesome. With all that exercise and your reating, you'll be in that dress in no time :)

Dani said...

o i wanna kjnow the srurpirse cant wait to hear it hun
yes the heaat has been nuts i hate it and now we are in another heat wave like really

Eloise18 said...

ecrire plus souvent dame!!! Tu nous laisser en suspens!

Lol probably got some grammar wrong, I always do :P however I find we all worry about the gender etc so much yet the average French person wouldn't even notice.



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