Out of Town

Just a quick note - I am in Tennessee right now for my kids' National Rowing Championships.

Anyway, we left on Wednesday morning, and between the 12 hour car ride, the skeevy hotel, the absolutely oppressive heat and humidity and eating out every meal at a restaurant, I am positive I have gained all of the weight I lost the past two weeks (I was down to 134).  I am disgusted - particularly with how I ate 1,000,000,000,000,000 chips and with salsa at dinner last night.  Tonight, I am going to try to find a treadmill in this hovel and kick my ass tonight.  I am so gross.  I want to be a lithe, slim, light and fast 118, not 135, or even worse, probably 137 or 138 right now.

Sorry for the sort of depressing rant.  I'm catching up on reading right now and I'll get to commenting on Monday when I return.

Still no word about the job, even though they insisted a decision would be made this week.


Dani said...

give them time hun im sure theyw ill call u mayb they jsut got behind i things that would b insane not to hire u
an dims ure u can find a treadmill somewehre

Anonymous said...

You're in my state!! That's so cool! What part of TN are you in? Are you near the South East? :D Hey, don't worry about eating too much on the trip, you can get back into the swing of things once you're home again and lose all of the weight you might have gained. You can always fix your mistakes- pretty soon, you will be thin and light. :)

Mich said...

Hope everything works out with the job. It's awful how long they make you wait. >:(

Tennessee sounds fun, even if you think you're eating too much! My rule for going away for any extended period of time is that I never weigh myself until a week after I get home. That way, I have time to at least go back down to what I was before I left. I figure you can't help gaining a little when you go away somewhere, because of the eating out. You'll be ok!! <3 <3


Sea said...

You are so committed to those kids, that's awesome you get to travel with them! I have gained so much weight too. Just remember, it wasn't too long ago that we were both bordering the "almost under 130" mark. We can get there again! And then to our goals.

I hate when jobs keep you waiting. It's such a power thing on their part. Good luck with it! And enjoy your trip, girl!


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