Apologies, again, for erratic posting

Luckily, as fate would have it, my weight has started to go back down after being stubbornly stuck and an obnoxiously high number.  I was 134 after my workout - obviously, as all of you know, my goal is under 130 (pre-workout) by the 30th.  That really means losing between 5-7 pounds.  I think I can do it.

I have been exercising quite a bit - this morning 2.65 miles and my bursting class (735 calories gone) - and trying to suck down iced coffee like its my job to suppress my appetite.  (Sidenote: I ran to the end of my road - 1.1 miles - in 8:48 yesterday - hell yes!)  I did not do a great job eating so far today (lasted on nothing until 12pm, then soy yogurt with cherries and pecans, mini rice cakes, a spoonful of peanut butter, fresh pineapple, popcorn made with oil - my mom said she wanted some, and my air-popper does not make enough for two, so I decided to make it in the big pot.  Long story short, she did not want any, so I made it with oil for no reason and shared with the dogs, but still waaaaaaaay too much - and then two spoonfuls left-over frosting.  Green tea and iced coffee for the rest of the night, most definitely.  I am so glad I worked out this morning.

Random act of awesomeness today - I went to Dunkin Donuts to order my medium coconut iced coffee, black, light on the ice (my summer pleasure) after driving one of my students to the bus station.  Anyway, I get inside and there is a hand-written sign that says the credit card machine is broken.  As usual, I did not have any cash on me.  I just said, "Oh that's too bad, I really wanted coffee and I drove all the way down here."  The guys just looked at me and I went to leave.  The woman behind me pipes up and says, "What did you want?  I'll buy your coffee for you, just a random act of kindness." I insisted no, but she offered again and so some super nice stranger paid for me $2.39 coffee :)  I need to do something random and good and put some great vibes into the world.  Being a Christian, I do not really believe in karma, but I certainly believe that putting kindness and love into the world is the best way to go about things.

I am trying very hard to get ready for my visit to see Juan's family.  I really need to crack down on my diet.  June is a new month and the perfect time to reduce my intake.  The easiest way for me is to skip breakfast, which is not good for your metabolism.  Honestly, I'm not sure if it makes a difference because I work out when I wake up.  My metabolism must be boosted by a 5 mile run or my bursting class, so maybe it does not matter anyway???  Who knows?  I think I am going to stick with skipping breakfast and just waiting until I get home, around noon, to eat or drink anything.

Please keep bugging me and help me resist food and exercise more.  I have to be smaller soon.  I just have to be.

Also, if you do not follow Dani, please give her a few sentiments of support.  She's going through a rough patch and needs all the love we can muster.

Lots of love, as always...



Anonymous said...

It is my new little mission to find tea tins for you xx I loved this post, darling.

Starving Artist said...

Hi there! I saw your blog on tumbler and I love your thinspo so I decided to follow :) I loove that centerpiece, I wish I had some tins for you. Good luck though! I'll keep my eyes open too :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a Christian too! :D I also think it's very important to pass along the kindness and I try to. There may not be karma, but the whole, "reap what you sow" thing could come into play there :). That's really nice what that guy did for you!

I've never heard of tea tins before...I guess there not very popular in Tennessee! If I spot any, I will definitely send them to you!

June is a new month- a month to be successful reach your goals. You can definitely lose your 7 lbs by the end of the month! I wish you all the best and I hope your week is amazing ♥

Cinnamon Brown said...

Tea tins? I'm on it, like a duck on a junebug! June is our month so, let's kick 'fat' in the cojones! Yeah, Baby! <3. XXX.

Eloise18 said...

I love doing random acts of kindness :D they make me feel so good and make other people happy.

I don't have any tea tins I can send you however I will keep a look out in charity shops (I think another thing we only really have in the UK) and if I find any I'll get in touch to sort out postage, though tbh I'd probably let that be your wedding present! I expect you'll have a lot of other things to be spending money on!

Good luck with the weight loss, you can DEFINITELY lose 7lbs by the end of the month :)


(Thank you for your especially lovely comment on my last post x)

Dani said...

ilove u so much great post and thanx for that t the end
yeah i never heard of tea tins but iw ill def keep my eyes open for u its a great idea and i just love the pic u showed so i will keep my eyes out but small town so yeah but i will look

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I haven't read you blog in so long- glad to be back doing it though!

Wow that was so nice of that stranger to buy you coffee... I love when people surprise you and go above and beyond what is expected of them!

That is amazing that you are expecting a proposal! I will have a root in my attic and see if I have some old tea tins- we have lots of random things like that hiding up there!

Lorna xxx

Anonymous said...

Good luck loosing :)
That was so nice of that lady!
Those tins are pretty and would look lovely at your wedding :) unfortunately I don't have any though :(
Lottie x

Mich said...

It's great to know there's still a few people out there who will buy a lady a cup of coffee in an emergency. :D

Those tea tins with the flowers are ADORABLE!! I'm totally doing that in my house. And I do have tea tins I could send your way. You can email me if you like: masterandcommander [at] amhenry.com


Peridot (G+P) said...

That lady deserves a high five!

I'll go hunt around in second-hand/antique stores for you when you have a date set <3 No problem!

Lol, I need to put of GPOY of the cheap-as yarn I got the other day. Damn there are soem epic colours there! I don't know what to make!

That sounds like an amazing idea. When I have my retreat you and Juan can come visit in whatever season you like and we can drink tea and knit and you can have your morning run on bush trails to the music of the bellbirds.



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