Yet again, I feel gigantically ginormous.  I am doing a horrible job at restricting and thus there is no feasible way for me to be under 130 in just under two weeks.



Sea said...

Ugh. I am in the same fat boat. What can we do? I lost my motivation! If we can change our mindset, I am sure we will see physical change in no time!

Anonymous said...

Oh darling, these things come and go. I know you'll find your rhythm and make up for lost time, so don't be too hard on yourself.

I love you, and no matter what size you feel, you'll always seem small in my eyes.

Your friend always,
Adeline xx

Dani said...

dont owrry about it hun we all have our moments our times were we just cant restrict were our body fights us to much cause its tired of being near deaht and it wants food and nutrients dont worry about it trust me

Anonymous said...

You may not be able to make your goal in the time you want, but you can STILL reach that goal! (I've been rubbish at restricting lately). You can get back to where you were soon- just take one day at a time (almost like making mini-goals) ♥

Tai said...

Ug, worst feeling ever. But I think this kind of self control comes in cycles. Sometimes you are a rock star with it and sometimes it's just impossible. Your reign will come again.

Sophie said...

Oh no, that sucks :( I'm sorry. Tai is right though, these things are cyclical. We all have times when we're awesome and times when we slip up a little. It sounds like there's a bunch of us not doing that great at the moment :/ Just do your best, and don't be too hard on yourself. You WILL get there. xxx


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