Weekend ReCap and Goals for the Week

Saturday, as you, my faithful readers, know was my team's first race.  On Saturday morning I went to my class at the gym, came home and showered, and went straight to the lake.  The conditions were terrible, gusts of wind and lots of whitecaps, and we ended up losing the points trophy by a two second technicality.  Regardless, my boys won their race, which was great.  Afterward, I went out with my fellow coaches and had a big old salad and a beer.

Sunday started as a good day but then I ended up eating some jelly beans and other unnecessary junk.  I went for a fabulous run in the lovely cool spring weather, so the day was not a total loss.  I ran my normal 4.85 miles loop in less than 41 minutes.  I ran my first 1.1 miles in 9:08 - normally, since it's all uphill, I run it in about 10:20+.  I was completely psyched and just enjoying the spring air.

This morning, I ran four miles, but I have managed to completely destroy my intake with chocolate.  I managed to last the entire month of March without chocolate, so I think after today I need to just swear it off again.  I tend to be one of those all-or-nothing kinds of people when it comes to food.  I just need to get it out of my life.  I am sabotaging myself.  This is the week I get back on track, completely.

I am finding it harder to restrict now.  I am assuming it is because my life is in much better order lately - new job, boyfriend is being absolutely divine, getting along with my family, spring is here... last summer/fall I was easily dropping weight because I generally felt awful and stressed about my life.  I need to find the balance where I can restrict, varying the days (600, 800, 1000, etc.), exercise, and be happy.  I need to take some photos of myself, perhaps in my swimsuit, so I can see how awful I look.  That might motivate me.

My goals for this week are...
1. Record absolutely everything I eat.  I always eat so much less when I have to be accountable for it.
2. Exercise every day (Not unusual, but I am going to skip my rest day this week).
3. Not go above 1000 calories.
4. No nuts or nut butters
5. Take progress pictures.
6. See 130 on the scale again, even if it's dehydrated after my workout.
7. Diligently read and comment on as many blogs as I can each day.
8. Finally respond to the Versatile Blogger Award.

I just returned from the gym - 20 minute interval run and back-to-back classes (burned 1050 calories).  Then I had oatmeal with strawberries, spices, and yogurt (215 calories total). My weight was too embarrassing to even mention prior to my gym session, but that gives me an extra dose of motivation so I  will not quit today.  I want to be under 120 pounds so badly and yet I am barely working for it.  I want to be gracefully thin in my wedding photos, which hopefully will be within the next year or so.  I need to keep working and work harder.  I am not beautiful at this weight.  125 will be satisfactory, seeing as I am so far away from that now, but sub-120 is the goal.  I have to do this.


zette said...

sounds like you're doing great. kudos to you for all the running. i'm glad your boy is such a sweetie&that your team won the race. i tend to be an all-or-nothing person too when it comes to food. not always good. anyway, stay strong, keep up the good work.

teaspoon said...

I do the same thing, when I get happy I eat without care.
But that's a good thing :) Don't blame yourself because you're happy.
I'm so glad to see you're still running! Good luck on the race! I wish I had dedication like you :) xxx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, inspiring post darling. You're going to do so well this week, I can just feel it :)

Love you so much,
Adeline xx

Dani said...

yay for th erunning i miss running still to cold out here for me though yes i know im a wimp ha
ims orry that u guys lsot but yay for the boys team
ur rules sound great

Sea said...

You can do this! Your goals are possible & you definitely will accomplish them. You run like a gazelle!

Tai said...

I list and goal making! That is one of the greatest joys. You can definitely accomplish all of that. You are totally running inspiration to me. I'm excited to be able to run 4 miles someday.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome your team did well in the rest despite the crappy weather! Rowing seems like tons of hard work but great exercise! I bet they were proud to have you as a coach! April is the worst month for chocolate and jelly beans :/. I need to swear it off too! I bet my body would thank me for it! I have the "all or nothing" tendencies as well- if I eat a little bit of chocolate, then I'm going to eat loads of it -_-*. You can definitely get down to 120! I like what you said- we want something so bad but yet sometimes we barely work for it. When we don't meet our goals, we beat ourselves up about it. However, if we want something bad enough, we will work extra hard to get there! That proves that will a little hard work, anything is possible!


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