Fasting forward

Yesterday went fabulously until I realized it was one of the other coach's birthdays - in the morning, I ran for an hour, had a low-calorie breakfast and homemade vegetable soup for lunch.  Then, disaster struck.  I decided it was a great idea to bake cupcakes in her honor, so I made them in the bakery-size (i.e. jumbo) muffin pan - chocolate with cherry jam inside, ganache and amaretto soaked dried cherries on top.  I figured that we would eat in the dining hall and I could either say I was running home and sit in my car or just eat a little salad.  The girls, however, decided they wanted to go out for dinner.  The restaurant they chose is a pizza place without even a decent salad on their menu.  So, I ordered a personal pizza, thin crust, veggies, no cheese.  It was delicious, but as I was eating it, I could feel my stomach getting cranky from the gluten.  I finished 2/3, which was entirely too much and guzzled down two glasses of water.  We then went back to the birthday girl's apartment for cupcakes, where, of course, I ate an entire cupcake, even knowing that I was full.  Afterward, we went to a bar and I had a glass of wine.

I came home and got on the scale last night and started to cry.  I know it was all of the food and drink, but honestly I felt completely worthless.  Especially since I went over my goals of not breaking 1000, had chocolate, and didn't know how to record my abhorrent intake,  and now there is no way I will be 130 by Sunday morning.

So, I am going to fast today - liquids only (tea, coffee, almond milk, maybe a little juice, and of course, water) - and maybe into tomorrow if I can keep it up.  I am going to the gym soon and will run before my class.  Hopefully for 45 minutes before my 45 minute class, but the tendons/muscles in my right ankle are swollen and have been hurting since my 6-miler yesterday morning.  Yet again, I am too ashamed to post my weight, but it's too far away from my goal, let's just settle with that.  My mini-goal for the day is to weigh less tonight than I did this morning.  Reasonable?  I think so.  Additionally, I am going to follow the rules of the challenge that Isobel posted.  So today's fast will leave me under 500 calories (20 pts), exercise between 10-20 pts, I can easily drink 2L of water (20), and I already had eight hours of sleep (20).  If I do that every day for ten days, I'll be much closer to my goal weight.

Thank you all for reading that rambling post, I hope you have a lovely skinny day.  I will be catching up and commenting to do my duty as a friend to all of you and to distract me from eating and thus piling more fat onto my body.

Thank you for inspiring and supporting me.  I am ever grateful.

Edit:  Coffee, soy milk, Emergen-C and water as my intake so far.  If I am feeling faint (as I am starting to feel sluggish now) I will have 1/2 a Clif Bar to get me through the rest of the day/night.  When I come home, I'll have miso soup for dinner.  At the gym, I burned 820 calories between my class and a 35 minute run.  I have already had three glasses of water, just five more and I've reached my 20 points.  I can do this today.  One last thing, I want legs just like this...


Anonymous said...

Don't let the birthday party disaster get you down, it's only a small setback but won't ruin your goals completely! You can redeem yourself! Birthday parties always messed me over too- so much pizza, cake, & ice cream! This year for my birthday, I'm going to tell my mom "No cake! Just get me fruit!" Why do folks pick the unhealthy food to indulge in?? I hope you fast goes well for you! The great thing about fasting is the rapid weight loss it gives you :). Hope you have an awesome skinny-filled week!

Olivia Lee said...

I feel you about not sharing the goal, I'm doing it too until I'm back at 124. I think it actually makes things a bit less stressful. It'll get better darling, your fast will be great! I'm fasting until 8pm, with a few things in between for exercise class. :) stay strong

Dani said...

o yeah me and gluten dont get alone either i usually gotta take pepto and tums after just to dull the pain yuup it sucks
sorryabout ur day yesterday but uw ill do better today i just no it

Sea said...

Don't worry about the birthday thing! If something like that happened to me, I would probably have binged when I got home. You're good & have control since you didn't do that. Your point system sounds healthy. Take care, you can do this!

Anonymous said...

Oh darling, chin up, you're doing better than you think.

I love you so much,
Adeline xx

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the birthday thing, the fast will help :)
Love that leg thinspo!
Stay strong,
Lottie x

Tai said...

Bummer on the birthday thing but I think you held up well considering the circumstances. I totally feel you on the food rewards thing. Food is nutrition, food is delicious, food is energy, a necessity, survival. Food is not an emotion. And yet, our society makes it into the every occasion emotion stabilizer. So detrimental to everyone's health and well-being.

I hope that you are doing well on this ten day challenge. Let's rock this!

sofia said...

goodness! my weight is horrid as well, although i doubt yours is that bad. good luck with the challenge! <3

Sophie said...

You sound like an amazing baker :) All isn't lost, love. I know it's discouraging to feel like you've messed up, but try and remember all the positive things that come from socializing with friends, and don't be too hard on yourself. *hugs*


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