Challenge Results?

If you could call them results...

Friday - Day 1 - 60 points (Ran 6 miles, drank a TON of water, I always sleep 8+ hours, but went over 1,000 calories)

Saturday - Day 2 - 60 points (Walked my dogs for nearly two hours, also hit the water requirement, 8 hours sleep, fine all day calorie-wise until Saturday night)

Sunday - Day 3 - 70 points (4.85 mile run, stretching, abs, plenty of water, plenty of sleep, and somewhere in the realm of 950 calories)

My goals last week were as follows

1. Record absolutely everything I eat.  I always eat so much less when I have to be accountable for it.
2. Exercise every day (Not unusual, but I am going to skip my rest day this week).
3. Not go above 1000 calories.
4. No nuts or nut butters
5. Take progress pictures.
6. See 130 on the scale again, even if it's dehydrated after my workout.
7. Diligently read and comment on as many blogs as I can each day.
8. Finally respond to the Versatile Blogger Award.

I did not record everything I ate, but I have been counting calories much better, so I feel like I've made some progress there.  I exercised every day without a rest day - today I am taking the day off because I have some swelling around my ankle.  Yesterday's run was awesome, 4.85 miles in just 39:57.  I definitely went above 1,000 calories on some days.  Today, I promise not to.  I cut down on the nut intake by a ton and only had my Better'n Peanut Butter.  I did not take any progress pictures, again, mainly because I don't have a camera and I have trouble taking photos with my phone.  No 130 - though today, before working out, I am 133.0.  I usually loose 2.5 pounds between running and the gym, so I may have hit my goal today.  I was much better about commenting, but I should have commented yesterday.  Annnd I haven't done the award.

So, I am really hoping that this week is my week.  I must eat under 500 today in order to gain the 20 points for the challenge.  I might do 30 minutes of yoga in order to at least get a bit for that, since I won't be running or going to the gym.  Breakfast today was about 200 calories between 1/8 cup yogurt, 1/8 cup sweetened coconut, and a bowl of fruit salad.  That gives me 300 more to use today.  I can do it.  I am going to have a big mug of tea after my shower - I have been counting tea in my H20 count since I don't put anything but water in my tea anyway.

How is everyone else doing on the challenge?


Isobel said...

you sound like you are killing it with your work outs! Considering how much exercise you're doing - I personally think you need more than 500 cals anyway, to keep your energy high. Besides, once you get your metabolism up you'll burn more cals!


Tai said...

You still did pretty good last week and you worked out so much! I agree with Isobel, since you're so active 500 calories might be too low to sustain your activity level. I'm glad you are resting and I hope your ankle feels better soon!

I'm messing up on the challenge in the sleep department but I don't know how to get all of the things I want to do done without cutting down on sleep. Procrastinate less? I can't wait to see what you write for the versatile blogger award.

Have a great day!

Dani said...

i think that u did good hun

Adeline said...

You're so inspiring, I love you so much xx

petite girl said...

i really like your goals :) i need to follow you more. i left for a while but im back :) your doing good. keep it up :) i agree with Adeline. <3


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