Fat free day

My goal today is to have a fat free day.  What I mean is not adding ANY extra fats to my food at all (no nuts/oils/etc.)

I woke up early and went to my class at the gym, just got home and had 1/3c oatmeal with diced peaches, a 1/2 tsp molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg, and 1/4c plain soy yogurt.  That comes to 215 calories.  A lot, I know, but I just got home from a tough class at the gym.  Later this morning I will have 1/2 a Luna Bar with coffee (95).  Lunch will be an apple (80), maybe a banana (105), and less than a cup of almond milk (60).  I'll be at work all afternoon and then I'll come home and grab vegetable soup that my mom made last night, which is less than 200 calories.  That puts my total for the day at around 700.

My kids have their first race today.  I really hope they just row their little hearts out and make it to the finish line :)

Maybe I'll post some thinspo tonight.  I need some inspiration, you know?

Have a great Saturday everyone...

P.S. Sorry I haven't gotten back to everyone who has been commenting.  Dani at Bones are Pure, I know you're handling a lot right now and I sometimes don't know what to say.  Just know that I am listening and will help however I can.


Tai said...

I hope you have a lovely day and that your kids do well in their race!

Dani said...

aw hun thanx ur teh cutest thing ever u know that wow ur gonna make me cry

ur plan for today sounds good


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