Another week has gone by

I don't really think I am that much closer to under 130 by the time Juan arrives.  I am still keeping up with my exercise - 6 days a week, running, weight and circuit training - but my restriction just isn't enough.

I had a little bit of a breakthrough today, though... I did not weigh myself before/after the gym/before eating for the first time in... years!  I hope that staying away from the scale today, hitting the gym for a good 500-calorie burning workout, drinking a ton of water and tea, and barely eating will reward me tomorrow.  The other day I was 131.4 after the gym, but I feel heavier than that now.  Hence why I must behave today.

For breakfast, I drank this super green smoothie (kale, o.j., soy milk, mango, banana, peaches, flax seeds, ice) and I ate a piece of the gluten free vegan biscotti I made last night - the whole recipe had barely any sugar in it, so I don't feel guilty.  I am going to the health food store, Starbucks, and to the camera shop to try and make a decision about the Olympus PEN E-PL1 I am considering.

Tomorrow is Easter, a great day!  I won't ruin it with chocolate (plus, what does chocolate have to do with Jesus rising from the dead anyway??) and I will go for my long run, 7-8 miles, weather permitting.

My mind feels stable and healthy today, which is wonderful.  That, combined with determination, is going to help me get to my goal of 118ish.  I know I can lose more than 15 pounds.

How is everyone?  I've been using Tumblr a bit over the past week, so I'm quite behind on reading and commenting.  I hope you're all enjoying your long weekends and making healthy choices.  Fruits, veggies, green tea, water and exercise lovelies...

And lastly, a little thinspo...



gianna.xx said...

I find that all holidays tend to revolve around food. What stupid traditions. My mom just gave me a big bag full of chocolate. And she knows I don't eat shit like that most days. Agh. Spend your money on better things. like veggies. hahah I know, its the thought that counts I guess. Anyways, happy holidays. -G

Dani said...

holidays just revolve around food and its a sucky thing idk y it has to do that
ive been ok sick again though
but yay for 7-8 mile run its a beautiful day out 2day

Cierra said...

maybe try a good 1 day water fast to get out of the 130s.


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