Vlog help

I literally recorded four vlogs to share with you and none of them actually recorded!!!  I am so disappointed!  Does anyone use photobooth on a Mac?  I was talking and the light was on and the "stop" button was visible, so it indicated it was recording for 10+ minutes... then I go to stop recording and there's only a minute or ten seconds or something random there!  No bueno...



VictoriaCrimson said...

:( Stupid photobooth! I've used Quicktime on Mac to record before, maaaaybe that'll do it?


Dani said...

i dont record nethingi m not much help
im sorrry

Dani said...

i left u an award on my blog

Peridot (G+P) said...

I record straight onto YouTube, I just can't work out anything more complex to save myself! D: I have a Compaq, so I have no helpful helpingness :(

Lol hells YES that chick is inspiring! Shes sooooo little!

I hope you can post a Vlog soon. If not, little paint pictures = WIN!!



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