100th post... no celebrating allowed

I have to fast today.

Because I am still too far away from 129, I feel like I shouldn't be celebrating my 100th post.  Thank you to my new followers who have joined... I appreciate that you take the time to read my ramblings.

Yesterday, I was 131.8 after the gym - after a 5k and then one bursting class (I was too tired for the second class and I had already burned more than 800 calories).  Today, I was 132.8 after a 4.84 mile run (in 43 minutes).  Here is my route - it is particularly hilly, I promise...

Anyway, I'm not in the mood for much writing, so I am just going to leave you all with thinspo... I am dying to have cut abs this summer.  I have been working really hard in my classes and I'm putting on muscle but not losing weight.  I need to get rid of this pesky fat, get under 120, and then I will be gorgeous...


zette said...

boo. i used to be crazy muscular. &if i up my calories for a while i gain the muscle back. since i'm not technically overweight i have to restrict calories like crazy along with my usual workout. also, 132.8 isn't that far from 129. you'll be there soon. stay strong, doll.
p.s. i'm back but i had to make a new blog. just so you know.

Dani said...

u already are gorg crazy lol
do crunches every nite thats what i do and i do them on my bed casue teh floor hurtsmy spine to much

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goal. I want to get under 120 though my body has never been below 127. Maybe someday I have enough determination to see this come true

Sea said...

You are such a crazy runner! One day I would like to go for miles like you :) You'll get there, you are determined enough. I'm with ya on the abs, that is the one asset I need this summer to rock a swimsuit.

Athena said...

Amazing thinspo, as always. I'm going on holiday so so so soon, and I too want lovely abs!

Love always,



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