132.2 this morning after running 4.5 miles at the gym.

My strategy this week is to eat a substantial breakfast (like the oatmeal with peaches and soymilk I am eating now) and only fruit or vegetables (which includes soy but I need to get off grains and nuts) if I need anything the rest of the day and to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  The oatmeal will give me energy to last almost the entire day and it is immensely filling.

I am going to bring cabbage slaw with a bit of tempeh for lunch and a grapefruit for a snack.  I am not sure if I will eat when I come home.  Tomorrow, I'll do a double session at the gym (run 1-2 miles and back-to-back classes).  My goals for this week are to get off sweets completely - I did a great job breaking my chocolate habit last week - and going gluten/wheat free.  I do not think I have Celiac or anything like that, because I don't get violently ill, I do, however, feel yucky and retain water AND get a stomach ache if I eat a lot of wheat, like a bowl of pasta.  I really haven't been eating too much, but I want to cut it out altogether before I leave for this trip.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I know some of you are frustrated, like I am, with the numbers that show on the scale every morning.  We can fix it and make it better together. Work extra hard this week.


Cinnamon Brown said...

Even a slight sensitivity to wheat (bloating, wind, discomfort) is Celiac, it's just the degrees that vary. Don't be dismayed, it's just a name. I wish they wouldn't use the word 'disease' though, it's more of a dis- ease! All the best for the new week. <3. XXX.

Olivia Lee said...

This food plan sounds good, it'll go well for you! You'll be in the 120s in no time darling. Sending you skinnies, be strong!

Dani said...

yeah me and wheat dont get alone either but doc says im fine my doc is an ass though
def stay away from it if it makes u sick
theres alot of gluten free stuff out there its more expensive and more cals but its out there

Peridot (G+P) said...

I'm ok with wheat, but I have a lot of mates who are VIOLENTLY allergic to it :( Baking for them is haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!!

I'm making sure I get some fruit and protein in me within 30mins of my gym sessions. It helps your body recover from the workout AND stop you from getting mega-cravings later on in the day ^.^

Don't give up, love!

Cierra said...

AHH I crave the 20s! I was there was a day last week, but I messed it all up when I went home. You're so close just keep it up. You'll get there before I will!


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