À Bientôt!

I am leaving tonight for South Carolina, so I will neither have access to a scale nor a computer/blogging capabilities until I return on the 28th.  Two things - I know Dani at bonesarepure gave me an award and so did one other person (though I forget who it was, since it was a few days ago, I'm sorry - thank you though!!) so I will have to do that when I return.  And secondly, I did not reach 129.  Maybe my week in the sunshine, combined with barely eating and no scale will allow me to shed some of this disgusting weight hanging off my body.

See you soon... enjoy my vlog from my previous post - what a production it was to upload that!!!


Dani said...

have a good trip hunny i cant wati to hear aboutit when u get back love ya

Sea said...

Have a great trip girl!

mags said...

have fun (:

Olivia Lee said...

Have a great trip girl, be safe and strong! Sending you skinnies and loves.

Peridot (G+P) said...

I loved your Vlog! I'm totally stealing the idea :p

Have a safe and enjoyable trip. Don't forget to slipslopslap! <3


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