Glad to be back

Hello my little chickadees.  I am finally back and sort of organized from my trip to South Carolina last week.  The week was extremely productive and tiring - a learning experience for both my novice rowers and for me as a coach.  I know the season is going to be a lot of work, but thus far I am sincerely enjoying it and find it quite rewarding.  Even though I did not work out that much, my days were long and active.  I went for several 3-4 mile runs with my boys.  The food was abominable, and luckily I did not come home any heavier after sustaining myself on Clif Bars, nuts, rice and salad all week.

I took back-to-back classes yesterday morning and did some maintenance on the boats (which is decent physical work) and only ran 3.2 miles today.  My weight after my run is 132.8, so tomorrow my goal is to be under 132 after going to the gym in the morning.  I just had one third of a cup oatmeal with some peach slices, two tablespoons of cashew pieces, a teaspoon of Earth Balance and honey.  For lunch, before I go to work, I'll have a salad with roasted peppers, greens, cabbage, and maybe a few kalamata olives.  Popcorn and an apple for dinner sounds like a good plan to be lighter in the morning.

Juan is coming in one month.  My absolute goal is 125 by the day he arrives, which is the 29th of April.  That means 7+ pounds in four weeks.  I can do this.  I need to up my mileage on my running days and work extra hard at the gym.  I need to dial back my consumption of fats (mainly from nuts) and carbs and start eating more veggies and fruit, which is easy now that Spring is here.

I am so pleased that you all liked my vlog :)  I'll think of something else to do and post another one soon.  Additionally, I think Dani nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award, so I'll get to that this week too.

Have a great day ladies... stick to fruits and veggies and water - your body will thank you...


Anonymous said...

Glad ou had an enjoyable trip! A trip with no weight gain is always a plus! I bet you have amazingly strong arms and back if you're into rowing! I've been picking up my running lately and every time I'm running I thought of you passes through my mind and how you're really awesome at it- so that goes to show you're an inspiration! :) I think I nominated you for the Versatile thingy a while back but apparently I missed the part that says "let the people know you nominated them"...opps, I'm sorry! ^^

zette said...

7+ in 4 weeks is totally doable. i'm glad your trip went well&that you didn't gain. you sound as organized as you suggested so kudos for that. stay strong, darling.

Tai said...

glad your had a pretty good time in South Carolina! I hope you are able to achieve your goals, they sound very within reach.

I just watched your blog today and I want you to know that you are super adorable with the cutest voice and cat ever!

Have a wonderful day!

Cierra said...

Try chili recipes! Great way to get in your lean proteins and veggies w/o too many carbs.

teaspoon said...

Hello lovely! :)
Glad to see you've had a fun trip
I've missed your blog ♥
You can definitely make your goal! Rooting for you, lovely. :)

Dani said...

im glad that u had a good weak hun and ur salad sounds ymmu
and yup i did nominate u

Sea said...

Hi! it's great to hear you had a fun trip :) I love earth balance, feels so much better, yet tastes no different, from margarine! I have the same goal as you again! April 29 is when I'm celebrating my birthday & I MUST reach 125 lbs by then. Best of luck to you!


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