Feeling good

So yesterday was entirely boring and I was completely out of sorts.  I never went for my run and spent the entirety of the day moping around.  My eating was horrific, as a snacked on sweet popcorn and other unnecessary nonsense throughout the day.  I'm not sure what got into me, but I woke up feeling fresh and ready even with the grey skies outside.

I woke early to catch up on some blog reading (now I really need to get back to commenting) and went to church.  Since rain was in the forecast, I packed my gym bag in the car and went straight to the wellness center to pound out a few miles on the treadmill before running some errands for my mom.  I know I always run faster on the treadmill because of the aided momentum, but I still felt totally kick-ass when I finished 7 miles in a little less than an hour!  I've been eating healthy, low calorie food today as well - a Larabar for breakfast (200) and a big salad for lunch with my homemade light vinaigrette, a spoonful of hummus and lots of raw veggies (mushrooms, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes) with a serving of rice crackers on the side (120).  Even though my weight was embarrassingly high this morning, I know I worked hard at the gym and will keep my appetite under control today.  Tomorrow, I will weigh less.  I have to.

On Thursday, I forgot to mention, I met a friend for lunch and went to the optometrist (hooray, I have contacts which allow me to see now!!) at the mall.  I bummed around for a bit trying to be judicious with my money but track down a few things I have been seeking out for a while.  I managed to find a great black turtleneck at Express (size XS!) for only $15.00... excellent, considering I usually wear my black turtlenecks until they are faded to grey and have holes in them.  Additionally, I picked up the perfect black blazer at Ann Taylor (size 0! but only good with light layers underneath), something I have been searching for nearly a year to find.  J Crew, of course, tempted me with its sales and I found a snuggly army green mohair pullover (XS) and two tortoiseshell barrettes.  Finally, I bought myself Rouge Coco lipstick in Mademoiselle.  Completely extravagant, but my father asked me what I wanted for Christmas a while back, and that is what I asked for.  Apparently, he went to four different malls trying to track it down and was unable.  Instead, he agreed to pay for one of my front tires that needed replacing (still a proper Christmas gift!) and I came out of Christmas Chanel lipstick-less.  I have been dying for this lipstick for more than six months, so I treated myself.  I hope you all don't think I am terribly spoiled and materialistic.  I honestly don't shop in stores that often - I buy most of my clothes second-hand on ebay.  Now with my real adult financial responsibilities (car insurance, gym membership, student loans, cell phone, etc.) and a low paying job, I have to use and save my money wisely.

I think I am going to start knitting a baby sweater and bake bread and perhaps something to send to Juan.  I am feeling crafty and domestic today.  I love making things for people, honestly.  I love feeding people (ironic isn't it?) and it is a pure expression of my love.  Off I go to the kitchen.  I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend.  Start 2011 off with love and cheer, please do not be so hard on yourselves my darlings.  You are all beautiful, I promise :)

A nice warm snuggly welcome to my newest followers - who would have ever thought 91 people would be bothering to read what I write!  Thank you :)


I decided I am feeling very inspired to fast tomorrow.  I really need to get through a few good days of fasting in order to cleanse this holiday out of my system.  Tea, water, seltzer and a piece of fruit if I feel faint.  Anyone other takers?


Cinnamon Brown said...


So glad you bought yourself some nice goodies. Well done, those are some pretty tiny clothes!

Good luck with your knitting and baking, I love the smell of freshly baked bread... not that I can eat it! Oh well...! XX.

Erin Rose said...

Hey dearie! Sounds like a really productive shopping trip--I love coming back with a bag full of happy gifts for myself.

I enjoy making cards for others for holidays, so I getcha with the domestic lurve thing.
<3 Keep being so amazing--you deserve all those followers!

amy said...

you're definitely not materialistic!! everyone needs to shop for clothes once in a while, and it's fun to buy stuff! we're girls - we can't help it :) and the chanel lipstick sounds amazing.
have fun cooking xx

VictoriaCrimson said...

Ahh look at you with your teeny sizes! Aweeeesome :D


A Quiet Battle said...

Glad you're feeling better today! Sounds like you scored some great stuff on your shopping trip. Sounds like a blast!

I love your craftiness. So cute. : ) I get like that every once in awhile. I love baking but only do it if I have someone to give it all too... so it really doesn't happen very often. Juan is lucky to have such a well-rounded woman. : )

Eloise18 said...

Sounds like a great shopping trip! I love finding bargains :) x

Nerisaga said...

Thanks for the clarification about the hair donation.

And duuude, I'm sure it's not, but you make everything seem so effortless...gimme some of that.

bonesarepure said...

o ur not materialistic its good to spoil urself from time to time


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