2011 Resolutions

Just a quick little post.  I hope you all rang in the new year with your loved ones and a bit of Champagne.  I was barely awake texting Juan who is currently in Mexico visiting family.  Ironically, for a person who loves the beginning of a new year, I am feeling terribly unmotivated right now.  I slept in until 9am for the first time in ages and I really just need to get dressed and get out for a run.  I know I will feel much better afterward.  I think a good breakfast should help too.  I'm in the mood for oatmeal with banana - I always make 1/3 cup with water and usually add a few pieces of banana and if I'm feeling adventurous, a teaspoon of peanut butter.  Oatmeal is one of the few foods I do not feel guilty eating - I know that is is healthy and good fuel for me, even when I am trying to hardly eat anything.  Balancing restricting and exercise can be really hard, because you cannot train as well without fuel, but I always feel that every calorie I consume is making me gain weight.  That reminds me, I am really enjoying my new exercise class, but I am also nervous about gaining.  Obviously, the class will help me tone, but muscle is heavy and I really want to lose another 10+ pounds. (Ok, now that I've written this, I can't finish my oatmeal... I suppose that is a good thing)

Here are my 2011 resolutions.  They are generally listed in order of importance.  Meaning, the most important ones are to get under 120 pounds (seemingly impossible now that I have gained 3-4 pounds back and am hovering between 129 and 130) and have a teeny tiny slim waist.
  1. <24 inch waist
  2. <120 pounds
  3. Run one 5k, one 10k, and one Half Marathon
  4. Be a stricter vegan – no cheating, especially for chocolate!
  5. Take great photos to frame
  6. Complete two unfinished knitting projects
  7. Learn to cook Mexican food
  8. Knit something for Dr. Park’s baby, Dulce’s baby, and a hat for Pauline
  9. Bake bread at least two times per month
  10. Go back to France
  11. Make curtains for my windows and closets
  12. Buy and refinish at least one piece of vintage furniture
  13. Send more packages to Pauline
  14. Drink real Champagne
  15. Go to the opera
  16. See a new movie at least once a month
  17. Embroider something or learn calligraphy
  18. Donate my hair
Did anyone else make resolutions?


A Quiet Battle said...

I like your goals. : ) Definitely do-able.

And, I LOVE oatmeal. Banana, peanut butter, sugar-free jam. I've even put diet hot chocolate mix in it. Lol.

Erin Rose said...

I always make resolutions haha. yours are wonderful! perfect mix of self-bettering and adventuring (word?)
anyway love, GLAD the food season is over here as well.

bonne annee!
have no accents on this keyboard :/

Cinnamon Brown said...

We did! My house mates and I cracked open a charming bottle of Graham Beck Chardonnay/Pinot Noir Brut Cap Classique (Local version of Champaign) It was awesome! We've had Veuve Clicquot, but found it insanely dry! S.A. makes some awesome 'champers', but I dream of Bollinger and the means to afford it!

Your resolutions sound great! I posted mine on new years eve. Hope I stick to them. I must knit for a friend's baby too. I want to incorperate a line of baby gear into my textile art collection!

Heaps of love. XXX.

Nerisaga said...

Donate hair? Explanation please... ;)

Seems like you have some great goals ahead of you, I like running too, it's all that I do...it would be awesome to run a half marathon. But, I would probably die.

I wish u a great beginning of the new year!!
Please try to find some motivation :D
Take good care of yourself!!

Ariana said...

Oatmeal is amazing! It comes in so many flavors so you never get bored, it's pretty low cal, and it's really filling! You're right, it's way easier to exercise when you eat a little something before hand to give you fuel! I like you're resolutions! I think my weight ones are the most important ones too- you seem really creative, and that's a wonderful thing!

Sea said...

You have many selfless resolutions! good for you. donating your hair is such an amazing goal. Good luck with them all :)

danae said...

i never tried oatmeal and peanut butter, it sounds yummy. i like to put a bit of grated apple and cinnamon in mine while it's cooking. great resolutions btw, wish you all the best

amy said...

those resolutions look great! can't wait to read about you ticking them all off - especially the <120lbs :)
stay strong x

bonesarepure said...

i love oatmeal as well an di make it with water and i dont feel quiklyt eating it it keeps my heart ok doesnt hurt as much then
love ur resoltuions


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