Still too heavy

UGH 129.6 this morning.  I was doing so well before all of these Christmas festivities!  Yesterday, I was supposed to fast with some of the great people around this community.  I was great until I got in to work at noon and immediately became inundated with Christmas sweets.  Luckily, I do not go into work until four in the afternoon today, so I can make up for my failure yesterday.

As usual, I fit in a run - and it was a total blizzard outside!  The plows had come through but it was gusting up to 40mph winds so my normal 36 minute/4.4 mile route took me 43 minutes!  You should have seen me all bundled up, it was quite a sight.  In  little more than an hour I am going to that new class at the wellness center I joined.  I need to shed these disgusting pounds of fat hanging off of me and reveal lean, slim muscles.  Enough is enough already.

In other news, I dropped my phone in the bathtub, like a total idiot!  I was taking a bath, Juan texted me, and next thing you know - PLOP!  It is ruined but luckily I had my old phone to reactivate temporarily until I can figure out possibly buying a new one.  I just have too many expenses right now - another graduate school application ($65), new front tires ($130 since my dad was nice enough to give me $60), contact lenses ($100+), a small credit cared bill, possibly a plane ticket to California, etc.

Over the next few days I need to think about my new resolutions for the coming year.  I know my immediate goal for January/February is to get down to <120.

I hope everyone is doing a better job than I at losing and shunning all of the fat-inducing sweets that seem to surround us right now.  I know I can do this, but I need to refocus.  Today is a new day, and I am going to rock a liquid fast (tea for breakfast after my 10am class, water, instant low-sodium miso soup, vegetable juice, and more tea).  Maybe, if it goes well today, I can continue tomorrow and either stay with liquids or are fruit.

Thank you all so much for the kind words - I can hardly believe that all of these people I do not really know can be so supportive and sweet.

And Cinnamon, I mailed your package yesterday! :)


teaspoon said...

Things are so expensive these days! Sorry to hear about your phone D:
Im sure you can get down to that goal! You're so determined and everytime I read your blog there's always something about exercise and fitness :) Well done.

Good luck on your class! <3 x

Anonymous said...

I know I've probably told you this a billion times already, but I really admire your determination to go run in loads of snow & freezing winds! Are you immune to the cold or something? =) I'm totally right there with you in the fasting thing! Usually I could go all day without eating, but then there's something about the late evening that makes me want to eat! We CAN make up for our failures yesterday! We'll start fasting today and we'll do great!

That sucks about your phone :/. Cell phones can usually withstand damage pretty well...except for water. I had mine in my purse when my water bottle leaked out on everything. It wouldn't turn on so I let it dry out for a couple of days- thankfully it still works. I hear putting your phone in rice will help draw out the water from your phone! That's great you kept your old one though, just in case for mishaps like that!

I swear things are getting more and more expensive by the year! $65 for an application sounds like a ton! I'm making my New Year's resolutions now- there's something encouraging about starting a new year with new goals, and it's even more encouraging when you reach those goals! Of course, weight loss is going to be at the top of the list!

You're going to do great on the fast! Tea & coffee are definitely fasting must-haves! With the fruit, you could put it into a blender with a bit of juice and make yourself a fruit smoothie, that way, you would still technically be liquid fasting!

MissMisery said...

I was doing really well pre-xmas, hovering around 127, but that undobutedly has gone up now. I am just focusing on getting rid of all the unhealthy stuff in the house before the 31st so I can start the new year afresh. x

Erin Rose said...

first of all, New Jersey! that must explain why we are having similar weather haha.

Secondly, I found sugar cookie sleigh ride!!!!!!!! In walmart, surprise surprise! SO good. I am taking some to work today so I am not tempted by left over xmas goodies.

sorry about your phone--they should give you a free replacement, I think. DONT TALK TO ME ABOUT MONEY. I am like, floundering here.

you sound like you are doing great! amazing plan, love!
Almost new years--i cant wait!

Cinnamon Brown said...

Hope your class was fun. Sorry to hear about your phone. Bloody untimely expenses! I'm also hoping to get much thinner soon. Can't bear the thought of being this size/weight much longer!

All the best for your fast and thanks so much for mailing my tea, you're a *STAR*! XXX.

Nerisaga said...

^_^ Don't fret too much, I binged on a chocolate bare yesterday. Wasn't even hungry, it was just there and slightly opened.
But - I'll try to be good today.
So sorry about your phone - But extremely excited about your possible plane ticket to Cali!
It's been raining hella much though >_<

Good luck with your class...and if you think of any good / in general / resolutions, please let me know!

Cinnamon Brown said...

Hey! Me again.

Listening to Dean Martin doing Cole Porter's 'C'est Magnifique' and thinking of you! Have a great evening. XXX.

sofia said...

i ran in the cold last night, it wasnt nearly as cold as your run was, but gaaah! how do you do it?! ... determination, sofia. jeez.
good luck stay away from everything at work.

stay lovely. <3

VictoriaCrimson said...

Sounds great! I'm still in awe of your awesome endurance with running in the dead of winter. Are you one of those 'run to eat' types? I'm sure the class will do wonders for you as well :D


Tai said...

I am always, always damaging/losing my phone. I finally had to get the monthly insurance on it because I would have to get a new one so often. It sucks that that happened to you just when you have so many other things to pay for! I hope your class goes well, it sounds totally awesome and I'm sure you are going to look/feel so great when it's all over.

Good luck at work! You can do it!

Sarah said...

Hang in there, lovely!!

amy said...

good luck with the liquid fast! that's also been my plan of attack post christmas :)

bonesarepure said...

dude how the hell did u runin it i can barely walk outside in it im so cold god hate winter
yay gor gym classes though
ur liqid fast sounds good yay
sorry bout ur ohone

Mich said...

You are nuts, running in a blizzard! But nuts in a good way.

Sucks about your phone. I've done the same, but it went into the toilet instead of the bath. :/

I definitely did NOT do a good job resisting all the holiday goodies, but being good starts now! No more crap until after 2011. Hopefully...

Good luck with the fast! <3

A Quiet Battle said...

Damn those Christmas goodies! For real, straight to hell.

I just can't get over your running dedication. I'd kill for half of the gumption. (Wow... can't believe I used the word 'gumption.' I'm so freaking old...!)


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