Joyeux Noël à Tous!

Hello my little chickadees... I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend, even if you are not celebrating Christmas, I am sure you have a few days off from work or school.  It is nice to slow down and take a breath every once in a while, right?

Where shall I start?  Well, first of all, my weight was 129.6 this morning.  Not absolutely horrific, but I did take a laxative tea last night and I still think I gained between 1.5-2.5 pounds over the past two weeks.  Fortunately, I have no let everything go to shambles - on Friday, I went to a class at my local wellness center that I think I described a few weeks ago.  I signed my contract and joined, so I will be going Tuesday/Thursday/Friday mornings and running on Sunday/Monday/Wednesday at least.  I really need to supplement my running regimen with some weight and and core training.  I think this class is perfect, and if I manage to get down under 120, with this class I will look slim and toned and will probably have some abs to boot!  On Christmas eve I went to church with my family and then to my best friend's for their annual Christmas party.  I actually looked pretty cute in my new (via ebay) J Crew dress and sort of 60-ish styling.  I paired this dress with black tights, black patent leather ballet flats, and a black skinny belt to give it a waist.  I had cute gold ball earrings, winged eyeliner and a high ponytail after flat-ironing my hair.

On Christmas, I woke up early, bundled up and took my dog Lucy for a three mile run.  She was really well behaved and we had a great start of our Christmas morning.  When I arrive home my family was waiting for me to open our gifts.  We had such a lovely morning and everyone was pleased with the gifts I chose for them - an iPod shuffle for my computer illiterate father (so he does not have to sit and watch pseudo-music videos on YouTube any longer).  Sidenote on the iPod shuffle - if you do not have an iPod and have always been leery of/were unable to shell out the money for a big one, the shuffle is fantastic.  I have the first generation of color iPods - a 30G, which I do love, but Juan gave me his old shuffle because he did not use it anymore.  I use it everyday!  I love just putting a bunch of songs to get my psyched up for running and clipping it in my pocket.  It is light and practically unbreakable and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, especially for fifty dollars!  For my mom, I was able to snag a signed copy of Ina Garten's latest book How Easy is That? that she absolutely LOVED.  I knitted a new hat for my brother because the one I made for him four years ago is practically worn to shreds.  For my older brother I bought him this groovy skin for his Kindle, since my parents bough both of my brothers Kindle 3s for Christmas.  I also filled my mom's stocking with some fun things - NARS lipgloss and a mortar and pestle from Sur La Table - and my dad's with great books and C.O. Bigelow shaving cream.

I was also the very lucky recipient of a few great gifts.  My parents were incredibly generous this year and bought my a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  Additionally, I received some wonderful books, Mad Men seasons two and three on DVD, tea, and a great photo calendar from my younger brother.  It's poster sized and has a photo montage of my friend from France and me.  My aunt bought me a new air popper to pop popcorn, since our original one is from the 70s and smells like it might explode every time I turn it on.  Air-popped popcorn is one of my all time favorite low-calorie snacks/meals.  Basically, I was incredibly fortunate this Christmas!

Today, it is snowing like none other.  Luckily, I went out this morning for 4.5 miles with Lucy.  I do not think we'll get much accumulation, but it makes me want to snuggle up with some cocoa (check!) and write and knit and make up packages - I'm looking at you Cinnamon and Alice D!  If you have yet to see Alice's adorable Christmas video, please go now!  Behold my packages of tea ready to go to far corners of the world!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekends.  Warmest wishes for the next week as we get ready to welcome a new year.  I LOVE celebrating the new year.  I love making plans and resolutions and trying to improve myself.  Obviously, I do not reserve this only for January, but I feel like it is a clean slate to start afresh.


sofia said...

that outfit sounds adorable, and sounds like you had a lovely christmas.


Konrad said...

That first picture is absolutely gorgeous! I love Christmas lights and I love snow, so its perfect. :)

Konrad <3

Ariana said...

That's great you joined a gym! Taking fitness classes are so much fun- you have someone showing you what to do and before you know it, an hour's past! You sound like you had such a wonderful Christmas! A mixer is a wonderful gift & it makes baking so much easier! (I requested a blender ^.^) I can't wait for New Year's either- fresh starts are always great motivation =)

bonesarepure said...

aw i got a kindle too :)
im gald u got ur run in b4 this weather started
i think here is predicated to get 12 inches its snowing good out there now and they didnt do nething to the roads
im glad that u had a good few days and u sound really well

VictoriaCrimson said...

Aw, this post makes me uber happy! Your Christmas sounds lovely, and as for that mixer, my friend has it and loves it. She said it's extremely powerful and just all-around awesome. Happy holidays!


Erin Rose said...

hello dearie doo :) glad to hear that you had an amazing christmas! great presents, and your outfit sounds great!!!!

its snowing like nothing here--if you dont mind me asking, where do you live? dont answer if you don't want to, but I am just curious as our weather is always the same.

congrats on getting in a run and not having a huge holiday gain!!!


sofia said...

i would fast but im doing an under 200 thing for a while. but good luck! and thank you very much.


Sea said...

I adore that J Crew dress! And your gifts were so thoughtful & generous. This was a refreshing post! Good luck with your New Year resolutions

teaspoon said...

That dress is sooooooo cute.
And I love winged eyeliner. <3 Always classy

I love how you can knit, I need to get back on it! Only thing is I can only knit scarves haha.

After these classes you'll definatley be on major weight loss, plus super healthy fit toned body. I need to get some exercise done!

Stay warm & beautiful, best of wishes. :) xo

Cinnamon Brown said...

Hey, Babe!

It's snowing, YAY!!!

Your new workout sounds great, as does your outfit. That dress looks good on the model, but I'll bet you ROCKED it!

So glad you were spoiled this Christmas, you deserve it!

That hat looks great, I love!

So looking forward to that tea, you're a peach! XXX.

Nerisaga said...

Ah, the outfit is to die for!

W/O Classes are always good - I really hope something good will come of it! :D

Happy Holidays!

Tai said...

Your Christmas sounds absolutely wonderful! I love that dress, I bet you were the belle of the... party. I have a kitchen-aid stand mixer and It makes all of your baking way faster and more enjoyable. You are going to love using it. I am definitely going to look into an ipod shuffle now.

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday!


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