Yo soy loca con mi tigre!

I should post more often when I am completely high on endorphins!  I just got in from my run in the 25-mph-gusting-15-mph-sustained-20-degree-weather.  Six miles took me longer than usual due to fighting the wind the entire time, but I'll take what I can get.  I loaded up some new music on my iPod - including Shakira, who gets me totally amped :) ¡Loca, loca, loca!

138.0 after my run and having a bit of laxative tea last night.  Today, will finally be a good day, back on track, I promise.  I promise myself and all of you.  Yesterday, I ate a horrific amount of disgusting food and practically started crying at work.  I hate being pathetic like that.

I keep apologizing for not commenting, but I swear I will today!  Also, a big warm welcome to my newest followers.  I never thought anyone would want to read my ramblings around here, but thank you so much for bothering!

I have a ton of things to do today (packaging up tea, wrapping presents, cleaning, etc) before I go to work at 4pm... have a wonderful day everyone!

The more we sweat in peace the less we bleed in war. 
Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit


Nerisaga said...

Don't let depression get you down.
I know it's easy to say, but think about all the people who are worse off than you...You have a great life, no matter the lbs and maybe it can inspire you to put you in a good mood; so you can lose whatever you want to lose.
In the mean time, all your blog readers are here for you. :D AND NOT TO MENTION JUAN! ^_^

Ari said...

Why thank you for the comment hun! I do celebrate Christmas (and by 'celebration' I mean food ^^). Ok, you ran in 20 degree weather?! Holy crap...I need that kind of determination!! I would take one step outside and be like, "Ohh...it's really cold out...do I run...NOPE!" I wish I could do 6 miles without stopping- you're truly and inspiration!

You're not pathetic! Everyone gets depressed and upset about eating every now and then, so don't let it get you down! You CAN get back on track and you WILL lose at least 15 more pounds! (Plus, I'm sure you run enough to burn loads of cals- especially in the cold!)

Merry Christmas to you too!<3

Erin Rose said...

hello dearie. I LOVE WINDY DAYS. IT WAS SOO WINDY HERE. We have the same weather everytime I come on here hee hee.

and guuuurrrrlll please you are amazing. you just keep trying to move on in life, and you will get there soon enough.

amy said...

wooo endorphins are the best! but yeh running against the wind is hard. i get really bad windburn as well on my thighs and stuff which sucks majorly. love the quote :)

bonesarepure said...

depression is a hard thing but try and not fall into it or let it take over cause it sucks trying to get out of it then
yay for running i still dk how u run in this crazy weather
stay tsrong

Tai said...

You are so admirable for running in that weather! Amazing! I can't even run when it's nice outside. Shakira is awesome to work out to. I also recommend Calabria 2007 by Enur! You will make it through the holiday season somehow. Never fear!


P.s- I also love L'Amoureux by D&G, It it such a beautiful floral scent. I want that to be my Valentines day perfume this year!

Ruby Tuesday said...

Congratulations for running in that crazy weather! Rather you than me, haha. That proves beyond a doubt that you are definitely not "pathetic", you're a strong, wilful, beautiful girl! Merry Christmas hun xoxo


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