I'm back

Bonjour mes amies!

First, the bad news... after four days of eating with reckless abandon, I weighed at my highest in weeks at a whopping 130.6 this morning.  Of course, I cried afterward.  I have to work so freaking hard this week to make up for my insane slacking.  Tomorrow, I have my OB/GYN appointment and I wanted to weigh 128 with clothes on.  I seriously doubt that is going to happen.  I had a rice cake for breakfast, a salad with hummus and a grapefruit on it for lunch, and I'll likely skip dinner and just hydrate.  I might take a laxative tea before bed tonight and I ran 6 miles today and will run at least three in the morning before my appointment.  That reminds me, I have to look back through my comments, but someone asked me about how I figure out my running route mileage.  I use MapMyRun all the time.

Stay strong my darlings... any bit of encouragement would be greatly appreciated right now - I feel overwhelmed and taken over by these extra pounds hanging parasitically on my body...


Eloise18 said...

Sounds like something out of a book, the weekend sounds perfect!
You can lose the weight, you've lost weight before so you can lose more. Simple as xxx

Cinnamon Brown said...

Hey! Bon retour, Sarah! (not sure if that's the right greeting, there were quite a few options for 'welcome back'!)

So thrilled you had such a wonderful time! Sounds so amazing! Very jealous! Can't believe your baby had to go back :(

That ring is so deeply beautiful, perfect for you. I absolutely love it!

Don't worry, you'll be back on form before you know it. You'll see, 'Super-skinny Sarah' will be here in no time! I believe in you!

All my love. XXX.

Nerisaga said...

WOW! Go you!! That is one hell of a weekend :D

And hey, the pounds will come off sooner or later, don't stress too much about it right now....you will get there ^_^

And by the way...the ring. The most beautiful ring I've ever seen...good thing Xmas is coming up, mwohahaha!

bonesarepure said...

omg wow that ring is so pretty
andim glad that he loved th esweater
u guys had a great wkd together yay

Tai said...

Don't feel too bad about the gain. Judging from your beautiful description of your weekend it was all for a good cause. you will soon work it all off again! I love D&G's La Lune and that ring is absolutely gorgeous!

amy said...

it sounds like you had the most beautiful weekend ever!!! so lovely and romantic....juan sounds fabulous! hold onto those feelings and let them drive you hun

Erin Rose said...

that's the kind of ring that I want <3 something sweet and romantic and kind of unique.

best weekend ever, and your girlfriend named Erin has quite the gorgeous name :D

Don't get frustrated about your weight! you and I are in practically the same boat!!! WE CAN DO IT CHICA, and keeping those happy memories with you will help you keep up the motivation

Erin Rose said...

OMFG THAT WAS FATE my verification word thingy was lamour. OMFGGGGG GURL thats sooo cool!!!

sofia said...

sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! and i love the ring. (:
im sure your weight will drop as soon as it came, you deserve it.

stay lovely. <3

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh what a beautiful weekend! I'm so happy for you darling. After a weekend like that, those few pounds shouldn't mean anything. They'll come back off in no time! Oh, I'm sitting here just beaming for you :)

Yay. That's the only way I can express it: yay.

Love you so much,
Adeline xx

teaspoon said...

Omg i love you for that website
I was trying to do it on googlemaps but it didnt workout

Sounds like your weekends was so wonderful, I'm glad you had a great time :)

I'm sorry that you gained, but you can get back on track with that stamina that you have :)
♥stay lovely


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