Back down a bit

Finally, my weight is back down a bit.  129.4 this morning after working out and having breakfast, so I think it is pretty accurate.

I had a body fat analysis done yesterday at the gym... the trainer put me in as 5'8" (I'm 5'7.5"ish) and "athletic" and according to the machine I am 12.2% body fat.  Honestly, I do not believe that for a second, I have to be much higher.  My mom did say today that my legs looked really great when she saw me in shorts though.  I still want to get under 120.  I am going to be a lean, mean running machine.

I may have issues with food, but I love the way working out makes me feel.  I know I need to eat enough to at least power me to run seven miles if I want to.  Today, I had a rice cake before going to the gym, running 1.5 miles on the treadmill for a warmup and going to my 45 minute bursting class.  We did a fair amount of ab work today which was good, and then I did two of the machines upstairs to work my abs and back.  Tomorrow, I need a good run, at least four miles.  If I run six or seven, I'll skip the lifting circuit at the wellness center.  If I run four, I'll make sure I leave for work with enough time to do the 20-minute circuit of machines at the wellness center.

I received my new copy of Runner's World in the mail today and I absolutely want to look like the girl on the cover.  Her name is Lauren Rudge.  I think I'd like to be a little bit leaner, because I've seen other photos of her where she looks pretty bulked up, but on the cover of the magazine, she is flying and looks incredible.

Just a few more things - I submitted my application to George Mason University this weekend, I bought a bunch of yarn to knit two baby sweaters and an adorable stuffed turtle toy, I had a BIG salad for lunch, annnnnnd I love all of you who continue to leave me such encouraging comments!  Thank you so much.  I can't do this without you.  We can't do this without each other.  

For those of you who are really feeling down and depressed right now, I hope you can try and get a bit of sunshine today and think of something that you are really good at to make you feel better.  Everyone is good at something, and we should all try to love ourselves more (please listen to me in this moment of clarity!)  No matter how big the gap is between your thighs or how much your love handles stick out, you are a beautiful, talent-filled person.  That's my little bit of love to share with the world today.



Athena said...

Your little bit of love was wonderful. And I hope you remember that yourself, dear, because you seem like such a lovely person who really does deserve to be happy.

Your goals and plans sound great. It's good that you realise how important it is to eat before exercise and you really seem to care about your body. I wish you all the best :) And I'll be following your journey!

Athena, xx

Nerisaga said...

Fantastic closing!!

And hey, lucky you having such a sweet bf >D

Try to hang on to that feeling you have when you work out...let it over take you and inspire you to reach your goal. :)

Ariana said...

That girl in the pic looks great! Girls with lean, athletic bodies are great because they're not only thin, but they exude health! I would rather be thin and strong than thin & weak, you know? Working out always makes me feel so much better & fitness center classes are loads of fun! I wish I could run 7 miles...question: have you always been a runner or did you have to work up to where you're at now? That's so sweet how Juan bought you a new phone! And such a nice one at that! You're right, we all have to stick together because everyone needs a bit of encouragement <3

bonesarepure said...

aw that was so sweet of him to buy u a new phone

sofia said...

yay juan for buying you phone! and tht girl has RIDICULOUS muscles. haha.
im glad you like working out, and i wish i was the same. :P
thank you for the love. -hugs back-

stay lovely. <3

amy said...

aww that was sweet of juan to buy you the phone! lucky girl :)
i wish i loved working out as much as you do..i only do it to help me burn calories. sure that's motivation to work out but nothing like actually enjoying it! keep it up xx

danae said...

your fat percentage is awesome, i really don't want to know mine, i think i'd have a coronary. you're such an inspriration for working out (that sounds dorky of me to say lol), i can't wait to get back into working out after my fast

Cinnamon Brown said...

Good work, S.

Erin Rose said...

feeling the love, darling.
GOD she has a tight body. Perfect. And Juan is really sweet to do that for you--he loooovess you <3

Have a great day, kick-ass runner!!!


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