Counting calories

I did not weigh myself for the first time in months, today.  I was having horrible stomach cramps last night (too much wheat probably) and did not have my normal bathroom routine this morning.  Thus, I was just too damn scared to step on the scale.

I took my cleanse pills and had a small bowl of rice chex with light soy milk and strawberries before going to the gym.  I've decided to start keeping a calorie log again here.  According to the counter, my breakfast was 118 and my lunch 203 and I had 5 raw cashews, I'm not sure how many ounces that is, so I'm guessing the amount a little and figure it is 57 calories.  The total so far: 378

I went to the wellness center for my class today, ran 1.2 miles on the treadmill at 8mph, did the 45 minute class, did 2 more miles on the treadmill at 7mph and then a few ab and back exercises.  My heart monitor says I burned 753 calories, which is great.

I need to get this silly body of mine leaner and faster.  That means more training, more weights, and less food.  I definitely need to work on reducing my fat intake.  Even when I have really low calorie days, I eat nuts and such, which are full of (albeit heart-health) fat.  Tonight, I am going to have a salad when I come home from work and only use vinegar, no oil.  Lettuce, a roasted red pepper, cucumber, sundried tomatoes (not in oil), and grated beet and carrot with vinegar and salt and pepper.  Low calorie and YUM!  I especially need to prepare because my mom told me we are having sushi tomorrow night for my brother's birthday.  I will have either seaweed salad or miso soup and a vegetable roll.  I hate that Japanese food is so full of sodium.  It is delicious and generally quite good for you, but the sodium!!!  I am going to my class at 6:15 and will probably run 1.5 miles before and after on the treadmill there.

Alright, it is time for a shower, to get my day in order, and to comment on some blogs.


Cinnamon Brown said...

I never have a normal bathroom routine. In fact, I'm lucky to go at all! I'm the saddest person on the planet, I know!

I'm always impressed by the healthy food you eat. I'm very envious! I think that, being a vegan, you should keep the nut and olive oils, but ditch the rest. However, I do understand the need to clease and go fat-free!

Have a great evening later. <3. XXX.

amy said...

sounds like you're doing everything right!! sodium is dangerous because it's in a lot of foods we rely on for weight loss like soup and diet soda. i ingest way too much of it methinks!
stay strong xx

a mouse said...

Hey there,
I’ve been reading your blog for a while and enjoy it. I just read a book that might interest you. Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance by Matt Fitzgerald. I suspect given your interest in health and medicine, it won’t contain any new information for you and my apologies if you are already familiar with it. That said, he does synthesize a lot of the research on appropriate diets for endurance athletes intent on achieving a very low level of body fat. His book would benefit from more citations to the peer reviewed literature, but there are enough that I was convinced of much of what he said (only retaining a small amount or requisite scepticism). He concludes that low fat diet does not make any difference in terms of gaining fat versus building muscle. He does share some interesting information on the appropriate timing of food.
Even if you already have most of this information filed away in your brain, I did find it a motivational read. Oh, it is also a really easy read.
Good luck!

Nerisaga said...

Where do u get the energy to do all that?
I'm fantastically impressed. And jealous. :D

Yeah, Japanese food is salty, just try to use less soy...and if sodium is the only thing to worry about, well it could be worse, right :P

Erin Rose said...

hay that chick up there ^^ has the same ame as meee.

healthy babe! And fantastic exercise--you will lose weight and inches in NO time!
Fats are good, though. They keep your 'tabolism up.

keep being a doll!

A Quiet Battle said...

I'm with you on trying to get leaner and faster. Let's kick fat's ass!

Hey, though, I wouldn't worry about the fat in cashews. Your body needs some fat and eating it won't make you gain fat unless you go overboard. I was addicted to cashews in college, right before my ed got a grip on me. That and strawberry-flavored juice. No wonder I gained.

VictoriaCrimson said...

That salad sounds DELICIOUS! So full of different nutrients (I need to reintroduce myself to beets) and metabolism stimulants. Sweeet :D

Just wondering- do you take the colon cleanse tablets daily?


bonesarepure said...

wish ih ad normal bathroom routine my stomach is to fucked up
wow u did great at the gym hun
and yum that salad sounds so yummy

Astrid said...

wow you sound like you're doing amazing!! best of luck to you on upping your speed :] you should read some guys' running/training blogs... they know SO MUCH STUFF holy cow i didn't think it was possible to fit so much knowledge about exercise into one person's head. but then again, we all know so much about food too that i guess i shouldn't be THAT surprised!

Chloe Won't Contain said...

i know what you mean about the sodium.. seems every good tasting thing in the world is way to salty. good luck in your class tomorrow.

xo Chloe


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