Catching up

Good morning my little chickadees!

Sorry I have not posted in a few days.  For some reason, I have been quite tired lately and have been having trouble finding the motivation to write.

The snowstorms have been throwing my exercise routine for a loop, but I still managed to run 25.2 miles last week (I started a running log spreadsheet so I can see, by the end of each month, and the year, how many miles I have run).  Of course I have been eating too much, but yesterday I managed to dust off our old treadmill and get in my cardio.  This treadmill is clearly incorrectly calibrated, since when it says you are running 6.0 mph it feels more like 6.5 or 7.0 mph.  I ran for 80 minutes, and I calculated that at 6.5 mph I did about 8.6 miles - the furthest I have even run in one shot!  I felt really great afterwards and less guilty for eating bad food earlier in the day.  The only problem is that now, my little legs are quite tired, so I may just run three miles on the treadmill and try to rest.

Sometime last week, Ariana asked if I had always had this sort of fitness level or if I had to work at it.  Honestly, I have put in a lot of work to get to where I am.  Until I went to college, I was completely un-athletic.  Then, at the start of my freshmen year, they were recruiting for the rowing team.  I happen to be almost 5'8" so someone asked if I might be interested.  One thing led to another, and I spent the next four years rowing varsity crew for a Division I school.  In college, I had little else to do besides row, study, and go to the gym, so I was sort of a gym rat.  My sophomore year, I managed to lose some weight too, and get down to 128-130, which stabilized to 134ish over that summer before I left to study abroad in France.  Then, even though I kept up with my running and whatnot, I gained quite a lot of weight.  I came home, was back on the team, and lost a few pounds, getting back to my body's preferred weight of 140.  Since I graduated, I took up running (particularly in San Diego) but slacked a bit in the stifling weather this summer.  As soon as it cooled off, I started running again.  I began with a mile or two and now I can run more than eight.  I think that my recent addition of calisthenics and weight training is definitely going to help too.  Sorry if that was an over-explanation :)

Victoria also asked me about the cleanse pills  take.  I have been taking them every day for a while.  They help regulate my digestion, but you really aren't supposed to use them for more than 30 consecutive days.  I think I would probably be fine without them, seeing as I am a vegan and have lots of veggies and fruits in my diet, but they comfort me somehow.

Anyway, I need to get dressed, have a small breakfast, and get on the treadmill.  After I shower, I need to write two cover letters for recent jobs I found.  Then, I should probably work on my last two graduate school applications, and by the time that is all over, it will be time to go to work by 12pm.

I hope everyone has a healthy, happy day - filled with exercise and low calories...

And my darling Cinnamon finally received her package :)  Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Stupid snow! It's always messing with your plans -_-* That's awesome you have a treadmill though because at least you're able to get some exercise in even though the weather sucks. Rowing sounds like so much fun! I bet you have amazingly strong arms! I think being on a sports team is great motivation to go and work out. With the running thing- at least I know I may "suck" at running now but I'll be able to work up to your level soon!

Nerisaga said...

Your running always impress me. :)
I wish I had a treadmill :P
Survive the snooooow! :D

Cinnamon Brown said...

I sent you another e-mail. Not sure if you got it, I have no faith in anything in this country anymore!

I can't believe how busy you are. I get tired just reading about it!

Don't work too hard, Sweetie. Catch you on the flip side! <3. XXX.

A Quiet Battle said...

Awesome job on your workouts! Inspirational, as always. What grad program are you applying for?

Erin Rose said...

lalalala wonderful motivated youu. gosh I dislike running as in actual running on the tready. I speed walk or jog, but no running.

I'll try to be super amazing like you!
Have a great day!

bonesarepure said...

ugh the snow sucks and we are gettting mor wtf
wow yay for all the running

sofia said...

its snowing hella hard here. :P
and i hope i can start running like yo, but i find myself extremely undetermined unfortunatly.

stay lovely. <3


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