Really bad

I was doing so well the past two weeks.  Just on the verge of 125.  Now, I've messed everything up with three days of disgusting eating.  Cookies.  Fried zucchini.  FML.

I just got on the scale (the end of the day) and I saw 131.4.  My eyes totally welled up with tears.  Juan will be here in 6 days and I have failed so miserably.  Tomorrow, I have to run at least five miles, no matter what the weather.  I am so disgusted and disappointed with myself.

I know I said fasts work better not as punishment, but I can't think of anything else for tomorrow.  I need to not eat until I see lower lower numbers.

I hope everyone else is having a better weekend :(


peanut :) said...

girl, i'm sorry! I've done the exact same thing. i just downed tons of ice cream. here's the deal- me and you are fasting tomorrow together, ok? and 24 hours from now, we are going to report to each other on how wonderfully we completed our fast. if you need to send me a comment just to talk or get support at any point during the day, do it. I'll do the same to you. deal?

sofia said...

shit. same thing with me. like exactly but 10 pounds higher. good luck tomorrow.

amy said...

that is pretty much exactly the same thing that's happened to me - 2 weeks of good work, 3 days of bingeing = major weight gain. i'm so so angry.

Tali. said...

I'm so sorry! :( Its the most disheartening thing when that happens. Hopefully most of it will just be food weight/water weight so you can lose it again quickly.
Juan will think you're beautiful no matter what :)

Erin Rose said...

dearie, so sorry! just remember that you can get back down there, and any gained weight can just be temporary!

stay strong <3


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